Campus Map.

Winona State Mobile has your pocket map to locations on the Winona Campus for Winona State University.  Locations such as dorms, classroom halls, the library, security checkpoints, parking lots and much more are a fingertip away.

News Updates.

Winona State Mobile is your handheld newsbreaker for everything that Winona State University has to offer.  Breaking news, weather, events and more all combined into one for your reading pleasure.

Academic Calendar.

When is finals week?  When is winter break? When is Veteran's Day? All of these questions and more can be answered on the Academic Calendar.


Winona State Mobile is your guide for Winona State Events, such as Family Weekend, Homecoming, Sporting Events, University Improvement Day.

Faculty and Staff.

Need to find someone at Winona State University? Winona State Mobile has a phone and email directory for Winona State University Faculty & Staff.

Bus Tracker.

Ever wonder where your bus is near the Winona State Campus?  Using GPS technology tied in with the Winona State Mobile app, you can now find out where your bus is and how close it is to your stop.   You can also access the Bus Tracker via your browser on your computer or mobile device here.


With quick and easy access to Winona State Warrior press releases, Warrior Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, you will find it easy to stay up-to-date with all the latest Warrior accomplishments.


Based on the book "Campus of Trees," WSU Arboretum gives you access to the location, detailed information and photos of all trees on campus. 

WSU Email.

With easy access to your Winona State email from within WSU Mobile, you can quickly check your email and get back to WSU Mobile in one click.

WSU Social Media.

With quick and easy access to WSU's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account, you will never be out of touch with the exciting things happening on campus.


Easy access to the mobile version of D2L allows you to stay connected to your courses anytime and from anywhere. 

Campus Help.

Campus Help provides quick access to the Campus Technology Knowledgebase, Ask WSU and emergency contact information.