Declaration or Change of Major/Minor

In order to declare or change a major or minor, please obtain a “Declaration/Change to Major/Minor” form available at the Warrior Hub, Maxwell 2nd floor.
This form must be returned to the Registrar’s Office after securing the required advisor assignment(s). Check the current University catalog for major/minor requirements. Please verify that the correct acronym for the major or minor is used according to the list below or as found on the reverse side of the Declaration form.



Associate in Arts Degree
AA Liberal Arts & Sciences
Bachelor of Arts Degree
ARTG Art: Graphic Design Option
ARTS Art: Studio Art Option
CS Communication Studies
ECON Economics
ENGA English: Applied Linguistics
ENGF English: 1st Combined Major-Lit/Lang
ENGL English: Literature and Language
ENGS English: 2nd Combined Major-Writing Opt
ENGW English: Writing Emphasis
GSCE Geoscience
GSAS Global Studies: Asian Option
GSEU Global Studies: European Studies
GSLA Global Studies: Latin America
GSNA Global Studies: North American Option
HIST History
LWSO Law and Society
MATH Mathematics
MCAD Mass Communication: Advertising
MCB Mass Communication: Broadcasting
MCJ Mass Communication: Journalism
MCPJ Mass Communication: Photojournalism
MCPR Mass Communication: Public Relations
MUSL Music: Liberal Arts
POLA Political Science: Opt A (General)
POLB Political Science: Opt B (Int'l Studies)
PSAM Prof Studies: Aviation Maintenance Mgmt
PSGE Prof Studies: General
PSLE Prof Studies: Leadership
PSYA Psychology: Option A
PSYB Psychology: Option B
SOC Sociology
SOCF Sociology: Family Studies
SOCH Sociology: Human Services
SGER Sociology: Gerontology
SPAN Spanish
THTR Theatre Arts
Bachelor of Science Degree
AT Athletic Training
BIAH Biology: Allied Health
BICM Biology: Cell & Molecular
BIEC Biology: Ecology
BIES Biology: Environmental Science
CHBI ACS Biochemistry
CHEC Chemistry: ACS Environmental Chemistry
CHEG Chemistry
CHEM Chemistry: ACS Chemistry
CHMC Chemistry: ACS Materials Chemistry
CLS Clinical Laboratory Science
CME Composite Materials Engineering
CSAB Computer Science: Applied CS Opt/Bioinformatics
CSAC Computer Science: Applied CS Opt/CIS
CSAG Computer Science: Applied CS Opt/Geo Info Tech
CSAH Computer Science: Applied CS Opt/Human Comp Inter
CSCS Computer Science: Computer Science Opt
CYTO Cytotechnology
ERCR Exercise/Rehab Sci:Cardiopulmonary Rehab
ERES Exercise/Rehab Sci:Exercise Science
ERMS Exercise/Rehab Sci:Movement Science
GEES Geoscience: Environmental Science
GEGE Geoscience: Geology
HPCH Health Promotion: Community Health
MTST Mathematics: Statistics
MUBU Music (Music Business)
NRNA Nursing: Bacc Completion
PACT Accounting Candidate
PBUS Business Administration Candidate
PFIN Finance Candidate
PHRM Human Resource Candidate
PMIS Management Information Candidate
PMKT Marketing Candidate
PNGE Nursing Candidate
PHYE Physics: Electronics
PHYP Physics: Physics
PLG Paralegal
PUBA Public Administration
RT Recreation, Tourism & Therapeutic Recreation (Recreation and Tourism)
SCJC Sociology: Criminal Justice (Corrections)
SCJL Sociology: Criminal Justice (Law Enforcement)
SELL  Professional Selling
TR Recreation, Tourism & Therapeutic Recreation (Therapeutic Recreation)
Bachelor of Social Work Degree
SOCW Social Work (CSWE Accredited)
Bachelor of Music
MUSP Music Performance
Bachelor of Science (Teaching) Degree
PART  Art Teaching Candidate
PBED Business Education Teaching Candidate
PBLS Biology: Life Science Teaching Candidate
PCAL Communication Arts & Literature Teaching Candidate
PCHT ASC Chemistry Teaching Candidate
PCPS Chemistry: Physical Science Teaching Candidate
PELM Elementary Education with Early Childhood Emphasis Candidate
PESC Earth Science Teaching Candidate
PESL Teaching English as a Second Language K-12 Candidate
PHPT Health Promotion: School Health Teaching Candidate
PMTH Mathematics: Secondary Teaching Candidate
PMTI Music Teaching: Instrumental Candidate
PMTV Music Teaching: Vocal Candidate
PPET Physical Education Teaching Candidate
PPHS Physics Teaching Candidate
PPPS Physic: Physical Science Teaching Candidate
PSED Special Education: Developmental Disabilities Teaching Candidate
PSEL Special Education : Learning Disabilities Teaching Candidate
PSPN Spanish Teaching Candidate
PSSH Social Science: History Teaching Candidate
Rochester 2+2/Path to Purple Programs
ACRC Accounting  (BS)
BURC Business Administration  (BS)
CIRC Computer Science (App CS: CIS)  (BS)
CSRC Computer Science (BS)
CSRB Computer Science (App CS: Bioinfonetics)  (BS)
KMRC Elem Ed (ML Comm Arts & Lit K-6)  (BT)
KSRC Elem Ed (ML Social Studies K-6)  (BT)
NURC Nursing Generic Option  (BS)
PSRC Psychology: Option A  (BA)
SEEC Special Education: Early Childhood  (BT)
SWRC Social Work (BSW)
Pre-Professional Programs
PRD Pre-Dentistry
PREG Pre-Engineering: General
PREL Pre-Law
PREM Pre-Medicine
PREO Pre-Optometry
PREP Pre-Pharmacy
PREV Pre-Veterinary Medicine
PRPA Pre-Physician Assistant
PRPO Pre-Podiatry
PRPT Pre-Physical Therapy
Teaching Endorsement Minors
MCLA Middle Level Communication Arts and Letters
MLMA Middle Level Mathematics
MLSC Middle Level Science
MLSO Middle Level Social Studies


AAD Arts Administration
ACCT Accounting
ADVT Adventure Tourism
ARTH History of Art
ARTS Studio Art
ASAV Airway Science/Aviation
BA Business Administration
BIOC Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
BLAW Business Law
CAST Child Advocacy Studies
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CHP Polymer Chemistry
COAC Coaching
COMS Computer Science
COMT Computer Technology
CS Communication Studies
DANC Dance
EAPW English: Applied & Professional Writing
ECON Economics
ELTR Electronics
ENGC English: Creative Writing
ENGE English: Tesol
ENGL English: Literature & Language
GEOG Geography
GEOS Geoscience
GLST Global Studies
HIST History
INTB International Business
ITCO Intercultural Communication
JAPN Japanese Studies
MATH Mathematics
MC Mass Communication
MGMT Management
MIS Management Information Systems
MKTG Marketing
MTED Math:Education Opt (not for MN licensure)
MTST Mathematics: Statistics
MUSA Music - BA
MUSJ Music/Jazz Studies
MUSS Music - BS
NUTR Nutrition
PHIL Philosophy
PHYE Physics: Electronics
PHYS Physics
POLS Political Science
PS Professional Studies
PSY Psychology
PUBA Public Administration
SGER Sociology: Gerontology
SOCG Sociology: General
SPAN Spanish
THTR Theatre Arts
TRDV Training & Development
WELL Wellness
WOMS Women's & Gender Studies
WPT War, Peace & Terrorism