Rochester Teacher Education

There are three unique Teacher Education programs in Rochester and one in Austin.  The Rochester Elementary Education and Austin Elementary Education programs are both full-time two year or part-time three year programs.  The Teacher Preparation Collaborative (TPC) program is a full-time 13 month program for students who have already earned a Bachelor's degree in a subject that they are interested in teaching.  The Graduate Induction Program (GIP) is for new teachers seeking more experience in the areas of Special Education and Elementary Education.  Thank you for your interest in our programs!

Whether you are currently attending a university or community college, already have a Bachelor’s degree in another area, have been out of the work force for a while and are looking to return, or are looking to change careers, we are here to help you obtain the knowledge that you need in order to turn your dream of becoming a teacher into a reality.

In the education profession, every day presents a new opportunity to impact a student's life, contribute to their individual growth, and give them hope for the future.  Contact us, and we will help you get started!