Advancing Warriors Program

Advancing Warriors program is designed for students who:

  • are juniors and seniors (OR have completed Emerging Warriors & Developing Warriors programs)
  • want to take their leadership skills and knowledge to the next level
  • learn best practices in leadership

The program is based on the Student Leadership Challenge in which students will complete an online inventory that enables them to take a look at their current leadership skills and to build upon their immense potential to make a real difference in society. Focusing on the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leaders, the Student Leadership Challenge offers students the opportunity to measure their current leadership strengths and weaknesses, to make a plan for improvement, and to commit to growing as a leader.

In addition to the valuable information you will learn, all participants will get to put their new leadership skills into practice by participating in an outdoor excursion with WSU's Outdoor Education & Recreation Center during the 2-day Advancing Warriors retreat. You will not want to miss this opportunity!

This program is offered both Fall and Spring semester and there is no cost to participate.

Advancing Warriors Program Requirements

In order to participate in the Advancing Warriors Program, you must:

  • Register for the program by Monday, January 26
  • Register & Participate in the Warriors Leadership Retreat January 24
  • Complete a campus service/improvement group project
  • Attend and participate in all the following sessions
Jan. 24
Warriors Leadership Retreat (8:30 am - 4 pm, Kryzsko Commons East Hall)
Feb. 2

Introduction & Inventory (3:30 - 5 pm, Kryzsko Commons Dining Rooms E/F adjacent to the East Hall)
Feb. 13

Advancing Warriors Retreat (4 - 8pm, Location TBA)
Feb. 14

Advancing Warriors Retreat (9 am - 4 pm, Location TBA)
Feb. 23

Reflection & Follow-up (3:30 - 5 pm, Kryzsko Commons Dining Rooms E/F adjacent to the East Hall)
March 23
Project presentations & wrap-up celebration (3:30 - 5 pm, Kryzsko Commons Dining Rooms E/F adjacent to the East Hall)

Upon completion of all the requirements, students will receive a certificate of completion and become a member of the Advancing Warriors Society.