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Teach21 is the name we've given the Bush-funded transformations of our teacher education programs and the process to comprehensively improve Winona State University’s teacher preparation programs.

WSU -- along with the 13 other institutional members of the Bush Foundation-funded Network for Excellence in Teaching (NExT) -- has made the commitment to organize this process around the following "pillars:"

  • Recruitment efforts focus on attracting highly qualified, learner centered candidates, increasing diversity in the teaching profession, adopting holistic admission procedures and boosting enrollment in the high demand teaching areas.
  • Preparation which includes a combination of clinical practice which begins the first year at WSU for most students, a focus on the Cognitive Coaching model, moving towards a co-teaching model for student teaching and curriculum redesign that is informed by best practices in the field.
  • Placement involves meeting the needs of the B-12 schools, connecting with graduates as they seek employment and building strong, reciprocal partnerships with school districts.
  • Support entails continuously improving induction intervention strategies, building regional capacity for induction and professional development and carrying through with our promise to provide support for our graduates as they complete their first three years of teaching.
  • Measurement of this work is essential for continued improvement, therefore assessment runs across all aspects of teacher preparation.

Teach21 is the process in which our College of Education and Professional Education Unit are engaged to achieve these commitments. It is predicated on our Statement of Core Beliefs, that we exist to prepare "professionals to continuously improve birth-to-grade 12 student learning in 21st century schools." Our partnerships with Birth-Grade 12 professionals are central to how we plan, implement, lead and establish accountabilities for Teach21.