G&SP Mission, Goals and Services

Mission: The Grants & Sponsored Projects (G&SP) Office is to be a catalyst for WSUians seeking grant funding for research, professional development, program development and special projects.

To identify grantmakers, promote grantwriting, assist grantwriters, and advise on and administer grants-related regulations.


  • grant seeking education
  • classroom presentations
  • funding source research
  • funding source staff contacts
  • securing application information
  • analyzing proposal guidelines
  • group writing facilitation
  • project planning
  • proposal outlining
  • institutional narrative copy
  • grant content advice
  • editing services
  • budget preparation
  • securing institutional approvals
  • transmitting proposals
  • reviewing reports to funding sources

* Information on Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects grants (Regulation 3-22) and Travel Grants for Research and Creative Presentations (Regulation 3-25) is available on the Forms for WSU page.  

* All individuals associated with research involving human subjects or animal subjects are required to submit requests to conduct such research using IRBNet.  To enroll, go to www.irbnet.org.

* Individuals associated with research involving human subjects are required to complete the Human Subjects Education Module and Quiz on D2L.

*  NSF supported undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers are required to complete Responsible Conduct in Research Training. WSU uses the site at https://nationalethicscenter.org/index.php?option=com_rcrtutorial.  

* NIH supported individuals are required to review the WSU Financial Conflict of Interest Module, and the supplemental NIH FCOI Tutorial and submit the NIH certificate of completion to the G&SP Office. 

Nancy Kay Peterson
Maxwell 155