Manage a Grant Project

Successful proposals will require a significant amount of work and oversight. The Grants Handbook (PDF) provides more detail and responsibilities included in managing a grant through WSU.

The post-award process will include some, if not all, of the following steps. 

Award Notification

Notification of award will be in the form of a great, contract or cooperative agreement that provides details about all stakeholders and the award.


Contracts will be prepared and negotiated by Grants & Sponsored Projects and Finance & Administration.

Financial Management 

Activities and fiscal management of the project must comply with the sponsor’s and WSU policies.

Purchase of goods and services must also comply with WSU policies and the sponsor’s regulations.

Refer to the Grants Handbook for a table of allowable costs for federally funded projects. Follow WSU and state travel policies

Personnel Management 

Hiring, payroll activities, and supervision of project must comply with WSU supervisory policies

Property Management

Ownership of property purchased with grant funds may vary depending on sponsor policies.

Work with Finance and Administration on management, inventory, tagging, and audit of property purchased using grant funds.

Intellectual Property 

Contact Academic Affairs if marketable or patentable inventions or discoveries may be developed at any time throughout the project.

Project Reporting 

Project reporting may include periodic and final project reports from the Principal Investigator as well as financial reports.

Award End & Closeout

Award end may include typical closeout tasks, no-cost extensions, project terminations, and property disposition.

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