Funding for Research

Doing research isn’t limited to certain disciplines—it’s open to everyone at WSU.

Since 2015, WSU’s Grants & Sponsored Projects Department has funded more than 300 projects in 13 departments for:

  • analyzing software
  • discovering new teaching techniques
  • composing new music
  • studying psychology
  • understanding Ebola
  • and more

Through Grants & Sponsored Projects, students can make great scientific discoveries, psychological analyses, and explore other diverse opportunities.

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by Grants & Sponsored Projects since 2015

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Student Grants

WSU provides financial assistance to support student research and creative projects as well as presentations at local, regional, and national conferences.

You may be eligible to apply for up to 3 different University-funded research or creative mentoring grants as an undergraduate at WSU.

Early-Year Research & Creative Mentoring

This grant option is for students who have earned no more than 50 credits at the time of application. 

You’ll work with WSU faculty or staff mentors on research or creative projects in a range of fields and disciplines. 

You’ll also learn skills in various aspects of research like: 

  • Planning 
  • Basic principles 
  • Critical inquiry protocols 
  • Tracking data 
  • Reporting findings 
  • Presenting findings 

Students receive $300 for participating. An additional payment of up to $300 per project may be available to assist mentors with purchasing supplies, although not all projects will receive supply funding. 

Undergraduate Research & Creative Projects Grant

This grant option is for full-time undergraduate students who have earned 60 or more credits. 

You may pursue this kind of project at the same time as your capstone or other culminating project for your academic program. Or you may complete an Undergraduate Research & Creative Project as a research or creative support for subjects outside of your major.

You may receive a maximum of $600 for your research and creative projects during your academic career.

Undergraduate Travel & Virtual Presentation Grant

Travel & Virtual Presentation grants are also available for full-time undergraduate students who have earned 60 or more credits and whose research may include a presentation at a conference, seminar, or other venue.

You may receive a maximum of $600 for travel support during your academic career. If two or more students choose to co-present a project, the maximum total award for the team is $1,200.

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Faculty & Staff Funding

Grants & Sponsored Projects target searches for funding sources using many comprehensive databases, some of which are private subscription databases.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about conducting searches or if you’d like us to conduct a search for you. We’re happy to help.

You can also complete a Faculty/Staff Interests Profile (PDF), which is a survey of your interests to help us assist you with a funding search.

Internal Funding Resources

ASF Professional Improvement Funds Awards are available to ASF employees to support professional development such as:

  • formal coursework and workshops
  • conferences
  • travel to other sites to observe a process
  • technologies, licensure, and certification programs
  • other activities

ASF Sabbatical Awards support extended leave for ASF employees to undertake additional studies or other endeavors that will enhance the member’s contribution to the University.

IFO PIF (Professional Improvement Funds) Awards are available to IFO employees to support professional development such as:

  • completion of terminal degree programs
  • scholarship research and creative activities
  • scholarly presentations
  • professional travel
  • professional development workshops
  • activities directly related to the 5 criteria in Article 22 of the Minnesota State/IFO collective bargaining agreement and an individual’s Professional Development Plan

IFO Sabbatical Awards are available to enhance professional development, support department goals, and meet instructional, service, or research priorities of the University.

Special Project Award grants support WSU faculty and staff conducting unique one-time projects that lead to innovative research, curriculum and new program development, and scholarly publication.

External Funding Resources
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