Grants & Sponsored Projects Education

WSU Financial Conflict of Interest Module -This module provides information on meeting federal requirements established for individuals applying for grants from the Public Health Service and the National Science Foundation. 

NIH Financial Conflict Interest (FCOI) Tutorial - Completion of this tutorial is required by any investigative personnel conducting research supported by any Public Health Service agency.

Responsible Conduct in Research - Completion of this module is required by undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers whose research activities are supported by NSF funds. WSU uses a module developed with NSF support and now housed at the University of Illinois Ethics Core Resource Center at

Human Subjects Education Module - This is the module that also appears in D2L  To take the quiz required to conduct human subjects research, you must self-enroll in the Human Subjects Education Module in D2L

Animal Subjects Education Module - It is suggested that students conducting research with animals review this module.


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