About IPAR

The Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment & Research (IPAR) serves the Winona State University community by providing analysis and timely, accurate data to support informed decision-making and campus assessment efforts. We strive to empower campus decision-makers toward self-sufficiency through ongoing education about appropriate data collection and use and the collaborative development and application of innovative technologies. (IPAR Mission, adopted 7/2010)

 IPAR Goals & Objectives for the 2010-11 Academic Year (FY2011)

1. Work with campus departments to store, organize, access and report on data needed for day-to-day functions 
1.1 Investigate and implement more flexible technologies to enable end users to access data
1.2 Investigate and implement data infrastructure to store departmental-level and ad hoc survey data
1.3 Increase the visibility and usability of IPAR data and services

2. Collaborate with campus decision-makers to collect, access and analyze institutional data to guide planning and decision-making at the University, College, Department and Program levels 
2.1 Automate creation of reports used for enrollment management
2.2 Automate creation of reports used for budget planning
2.3 Automate creation of Academic Program Review data

3. Assist units across campus in the development and implementation of appropriate and meaningful assessment and accreditation activities 
3.1 Identify and implement new technologies to replace the Assessment Tool functionality.
3.2 Support faculty, departments and colleges in the administration of course evaluations and analysis of resulting data
3.3 Conduct University Improvement and Assessment Day assessment activities and encourage use of data across campus

4. Provide data to external agencies -  state/federal government, MnSCU, external publishers of college guidebooks, media/press, community members.
4.1 Plan for and respond to recurring requests throughout the year