Survey Development

Surveys are flexible and powerful data collection tools that can yield useful data with a minimum of effort, either on the part of the data collector or the survey respondent. However, the advent of electronic surveys has seen an increase in the number of surveys in which we are all asked to participate, so we must take care to be responsible with their use. Many well-meaning surveyors jump in enthusiastically only to realize after the survey has closed that their data are confusing and difficult to interpret. In order to be responsible stewards of WSU student and staff time, IPAR is available to assist campus surveyors in the development of sound survey questions and response options, as well as in determining appropriate sampling methods to ensure generalization of survey results. Please contact Ed Callahan, Ben Nagel or Scott Guthrie if you’d like assistance in creating or distributing a survey to WSU students, faculty or staff.


WSU has an institution-wide license for all faculty, staff and students to create and distribute electronic surveys using Qualtrics. For various data security purposes, all WSU-affiliated surveys should be conducted through Qualtrics or other institutionally-supported survey tools.

Creating a Qualtrics Account 

A Note About Permissions: By default, your account will be created with the "WSU Student" level of permissions. This allows you to create surveys with all the features, but prevents you from distributing them. Students will need to work with a faculty member in order to distribute surveys. If you are a Faculty or staff member, you will need to contact the Teaching, Learning, and Technology center (x2900) or the Assessment Office (x5642) to upgrade your account to allow full use of the tool.