Undergraduate Internship

RTTR Interns return to campus to share their experiences with the faculty and students.



(RTTR 399 / up to 12 semester hours)

The internship experience has been designed to serve as a practical vehicle of transition for students to make the change from classroom to recreation/tourism/therapeutic recreation settings. Within the structured environment of a university approved agency/site and under the direct supervision of a university approved professional in the field, the student receives guidance in transitioning from the academic setting to the role of an employee in a “real life” worksite.

RT interns: complete a 480 hour (12 consecutive weeks) or 600 hour (15 consecutive weeks) placement under the supervision of a qualified recreation specialist

TR interns: complete a 600 hour (15 consecutive weeks) placement under the supervision of a qualified recreation specialist.

P/NC only

- Senior standing in the RTTR major
- Completion of recreation core courses
- 2.50 GPA overall as it appears in DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) at the end of the semester preceding the internship experience

    Lorene Olson, Ph.D., C.T.R.S.
    Faculty Internship Coordinator
    Phone: 507-457-5499 / 800-242-8978
    Fax: 507-457-56-06

    Marijo Reinhard
    RTTR Internship Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 507-457-5202
    Fax: 507-457-5606
      General Documents

      Internship Handbook, version:2010
      Sample Resume
      Sample Cover Letter
      Internship Search Tips

      Forms completed by interns

      Internship agreement form
      Internship data sheet form
      RTTR quality improvement form
      RT bi-monthly work summary form
      TR bi-monthly work summary form

      Forms completed by supervisors

      RTTR quality improvement form 
      RTTR agency mid-point evaluation
      RTTR agency final evaluation
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