RTTR 397 RT or 399 TR: 10 to 12 credits

The internship experience is designed to provide an opportunity for students to make the change from classroom to RTTR settings. Within the structured environment of a university approved agency/site and under the direct supervision of a university approved professional in the field, the student receives guidance in transitioning from the academic setting to the role of an employee in a “real life” worksite.

Recreation Tourism Interns

  • 480 hour/10 credit (12 consecutive weeks) or
  • 600 hour/12 credit (15 consecutive weeks)
  • Placement under the supervision of a qualified recreation specialist
  • P/NC only

Therapeutic Recreation Interns

Complete a 600 hour (15 consecutive weeks) placement under the supervision of a qualified recreation specialist. P/NC only.


  • Senior standing in the RTTR major
  • Completion of recreation core courses
  • 2.50 GPA overall as it appears in DARS

          2014 RTTR Internship Locations

          The Winona State University RTTR program provides a variety of internship locations to choose from. In the past RTTR students have interned at city parks and recreation departments, medical health centers, youth camps, and many more places. A full listing of internship locations is also available.