Undergraduate Internship

RTTR Interns return to campus to share their experiences with the faculty and students.



(RTTR 399 / up to 12 semester hours)

The internship experience has been designed to serve as a practical vehicle of transition for students to make the change from classroom to recreation/tourism/therapeutic recreation settings. Within the structured environment of a university approved agency/site and under the direct supervision of a university approved professional in the field, the student receives guidance in transitioning from the academic setting to the role of an employee in a “real life” worksite.

RT interns: complete a 480 hour (12 consecutive weeks) or 600 hour (15 consecutive weeks) placement under the supervision of a qualified recreation specialist

TR interns: complete a 600 hour (15 consecutive weeks) placement under the supervision of a qualified recreation specialist.

P/NC only

- Senior standing in the RTTR major
- Completion of recreation core courses
- 2.50 GPA overall as it appears in DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) at the end of the semester preceding the internship experience

    Lorene Olson, Ph.D., C.T.R.S.
    Faculty Internship Coordinator
    Phone: 507.457.5499 / 800.242.8978
    Fax: 507.457.5606

    Marijo Reinhard
    RTTR Internship Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 507.457.5202
    Fax: 507.457.5606
      General Documents

      Internship Handbook, version: 2010 (PDF)
      Sample Resume (PDF)
      Sample Cover Letter (PDF)
      Internship Search Tips (PDF)

      Forms completed by interns

      Internship agreement form (PDF)
      Internship data sheet form (PDF)
      RTTR quality improvement form (PDF)
      RT bi-monthly work summary form (PDF)
      TR bi-monthly work summary form (PDF)

      Forms completed by supervisors

      RTTR quality improvement form (PDF)
      RTTR agency mid-point evaluation (PDF)
      RTTR agency final evaluation (PDF)
          2014 TR & RT Internship Sites

          The Winona State University RTTR program provides a variety of internship sites to choose from. Students have interned at city parks and recreation departments, medical health centers, youth camps, and many other places. The full internship database is also available. (PDF)

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