Recreation Tourism and Therapeutic Recreation at Winona State University

If you are searching for a major that provides an exciting and unique experience while allowing you to help others, then RTTR is the right place for you! As a Recreation professional, your job is to create opportunities for people to have fun! Through recreation and play, you can utilize your developed skills to help people with disabilities recover, create programs for children in camps, plan events for major corporations, or manage a hotel in another part of the world. The opportunities are endless!

  • Americans spend about 5.27 hours per day on leisure activities (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013)
  • Americans spend about 9% of their income on leisure - RT professionals provide most of these opportunities (Forbes, 2009)
  • Travel and tourism ranks #1 of all US industry exports - 1 out of 9 jobs in the US are tourism related (US Travel Association, 2013)
  • Recreation Therapists median pay is $42,280 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014)

For more information about the two different tracks within the RTTR program (Recreation and Tourism & Therapeutic Recreation), visit the Undergraduate page or stop by Memorial Hall. Our professors have an open door policy. If the door is open, come on in!

We hope you will visit this site often. Our diverse and engaged RTTR faculty serves students, community, practitioners and alumni. Please feel free to contact any RTTR faculty member with program, internship, or other questions and ideas.

Roger Riley, RTTR Chairperson
Memorial 116