Institutional Data

Institutional data is essential for improving student experiences, enhancing institutional effectiveness, and informing decisions across the WSU campuses.

The Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment & Research (IPAR) serves as the official source of objective, research-based data about

  • program effectiveness
  • University resources
  • peer institutions
  • students, faculty, and staff
Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment & Research (IPAR)

Maxwell Hall 145

Student Data

Student data includes information on student enrollment, retention, graduation, and post-graduation.

Enrollment data is taken each semester on the tenth day of the term. The tenth day of the term is the last day a student is able to drop a class without it appearing on their transcript.

Post-Graduation Success
Common Data Set

The Common Data Set (CDS) provides information frequently requested by publishers of college guides and ranking publications.  

The CDS covers data about:

  • Institution
  • Enrollment and persistence
  • First-time, first-year admissions
  • Transfer admissions
  • Academic offerings and policies
  • Student life
  • Annual expenses
  • Financial aid
  • Instructional faculty and class size
  • Degree conferred

The Common Data Set Initiative maintains definitions for all data elements.

WSU Common Data Set:

Data sets from prior years are available upon request.

Data Requests
If you’re interested in other types of data about WSU, you can submit a data request. There is a $35 processing fee for all requests.
A female student works on coding projects with a WSU laptop.

The IPAR team provides data in compliance with state and federal laws, institutional data privacy policies and security policies. This includes, but is not limited to: