Security guard demonstrates the Heimlich maneuver on a student

Personal Safety

Winona State University Security offers a variety of resources that help keep the campus community safe, including:

• Emergency Text Messages (Star Alert)
• Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
• Courtesy phones
• Emergency phones (Code Blues)
• Personal Safety curriculum
It is important for faculty, students, staff, and employees familiarize themselves with the locations of these services around campus.

Personal Safety Education Curriculum

WSU Security offers an interactive educational curriculum for the entire campus community regarding personal safety and security.  These videos present basic skills to protect yourselves and your property.  The presentations are not an endorsement or directive to take any of the actions portrayed, simply to provide instruction on individual actions to prevent crimes, protect persons and secure possessions.

Members of the campus community can review the courses below with no fee or requirements.

Personal Safety Curriculum:
• Protect your possessions: Steps for guarding your possessions
• Student Assaults: Tips on preventing sexual assaults
• Controlling Behavior: Tips for recognizing or ending an unhealthy relationship
• Stalking: Guidelines to prevent unwanted attention
• Everyday Safety: Strategies for creating a safe personal environment
• Common Sense Defense: Instructions and techniques for defending yourself
• Safe Travel: Tips for travelling safely during breaks
• Shots Fired on Campus: Guide to responding to an active shooter
• Flashpoint on Campus: Recognizing and Preventing Violence on Campus