Severe Weather & Campus Conditions

In the case of severe weather conditions, WSU administration may choose to:

  • cancel morning or evening classes
  • cancel all classes
  • cancel non-academic activities
  • close the University

When in doubt, check the WSU Homepage for up-to-date campus closures on inclement days.

WSU students, faculty and staff are urged to make cautious decisions regarding travel. If you feel the weather is too threatening, contact your professors or supervisors and explain your situation.

Class cancellations and campus closures are rare for WSU. Individual class and event cancellations may occur even though the campus remains open.

Due to the uniqueness of the University‚Äôs operations, WSU may be open and holding classes on days when public schools in the area are closed. 

Cancel a Class or Event

Log in to cancel your class or event online. Submitting a class cancellation will automatically notify your students via email.

Cancelled Events and Services

No Events Cancelled