Warrior Grant Program

    Winona State University Students have a unique opportunity to apply for up to $5,000 in University grant money to better our community in innovative ways. There are over 8,000 students on our campus, each with creative ideas on what our University could do better to improve services to our students and the communities of Winona and Rochester. The goal of this project is allow a group of students, whether they are a club, a class, a residence hall council, or group of friends, the opportunity to propose a project to the student body as a whole and work on the implementation of the project.
    The projects are funded by carry forward money from our Next Chapter Initiatives, which provided over $250,000 for University improvements. Wanting to provide students a self-directed opportunity, the Student Senate requested for funds to be to be given directly to student groups or “teams”.

Eligibility and Requirements

The Grant Initiative funds are open to any student group on campus, consisting of a minimum of three (3) Winona State University students*. Although any member of the Winona/Rochester community is allowed to participate with the projects, only enrolled students of Winona State University are allowed to submit proposals.

The Fine Print (Terms and Conditions)

A selection committee composed of neutral Student Senate Executives will vet all proposals to determine eligibility and to ensure all requests are within the legal boundaries of the law and campus policies. The Senate Executives may request for proposals to be resubmitted if the budgets need to be adjusted or if criteria is not met. If the proposals meet this criteria, each will be placed on the Student Senate General Election Ballot, where students will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite proposal.

The Student Senate and the selection committee will determine the timetable and conditions for the release of all funds awarded through this initiative. Finally, each group will have the opportunity to create videos and other advertisements for their idea to be featured on the Student Senate’s proposal webpage. These advertisements will ultimately be seen by the entire student body, whose vote will determine which projects will be selected as the winners.

Part 1:  Overview

Please give a brief (250 words or less) summary of your idea.  Please include background information and describe the overall mission and purpose of your project.

Part 2: Benefit to Winona State University’s Community

Please explain in 250 words or less how your idea would benefit all members of the WSU community.

Part 3:  Implementation Plan

Please present a detailed implementation plan for your project.  More serious consideration will be given to descriptions that contain more specific information.  You are responsible for doing the legwork necessary to ensure that your proposal will pass a “reality check.”  For example, if your proposal would require the permission or cooperation of a campus administrator, you will increase your proposal’s chances of being selected if you can explain in this section that you have contacted the administrator and he/she has given the necessary permission or cooperation.  Before you contact campus administrators, please consider taking advantage of the information the Student Senate has made available on this website and getting the advice and support of the people identified here as helpful resources.

Part 4:  Timeline

Please attach a timeline for the project planning and execution beginning in early April (when the student body will choose the winning entry) to the final stage.

Part 5:  Budget

Please submit a line item budget detailing all of the expenditures that you anticipate.  These numbers should be as accurate and detailed as possible.  Seek out quotes whenever possible.

Part 6:  Letters of Support

Please submit letters supporting and/or expressing intended cooperation of any person, office or student organization that will play a role in implementing your proposal.

Part 7: Faculty or Staff Advisor

Please submit the name and a brief letter of support of a faculty or staff member that will act as a signatory for the project (for accountability purposes and to release funds).