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Student Senate

Student Senate is the governing body of the Winona State University Student Association.  In its capacity, Student Senate acts as the recognized voice and bargaining unit for all students at Winona State University.  This is done through the process of consultation and student government.

Student Senate also is responsible, through the Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC), for appropriating budgets to student clubs and organizations and granting special requests.

The Senate is made up of three executives -- the president, vice president, and treasurer -- and 28 senators, as well as affiliate positions, such as Parliamentarian, Administrative Office Assistant, MSUSA Campus Representative, MSUSA Diversity Representative, and the RHA Representative.  Senate also is made up of four committees that deal with specific issues.  The committees, along with their constitutional obligations, are: Academic Affairs, Student Services, Community Affairs, and Student Activity Fee Committee.

Meeting Times and Locations

All Student Senate meetings are open to the student body and we encourage you to attend to voice your concerns or to take part in University legislation. We do adhere to Robert's Rules of Conduct when conducting our meetings.

Attend a Student Senate Meeting

 Time: 5:00 pm

DATE                                                               LOCATION

February 12th                                                   New Center West

February 19th                                                   Maxwell 158

(Assessment Day)                                           

February 26th                                                   New Center West

March 5th                                                         Maxwell 158

March 12th                                                       Spring Break – No meeting

March 19th                                                       New Center West

March 26th                                                       Maxwell 158

April 2nd                                                          Maxwell 158

April 9th                                                           New Center West

April 16th                                                         Maxwell 158

April 23rd                                                         Maxwell 158

April 30th                                                         Maxwell 158

Contact Student Senate


Phone: 507.457.5316

Office: 109-110 Krysko Commons

Official Student Senate Facebook Page

Student Senate Meetings:

Wednesdays at 5:00 pm

Locations listed below