The current representatives on Student Senate standing in the SAC

Student Senate 2016-2017

Position Elected Student(s) 
President Nicole Zimmerman
Vice President Christopher Veeder
Treasurer Duc Nguyen
College of Business Representatives Rachele French
Josh Linder
Sean Wittenberg
College of Education Representatives Taylor Moon
Adam Thompson
College of Liberal Arts Representatives Bekah Bailey
Deanna Hoff (Inclusion and Diversity Chair)
Ivy Kuhn (Public Relations Chair)
College of Nursing & Health Sciences Representatives Mary McClanahan
Jackson Ramsland (Student Services Chair)
Alexandra Durigan
Chris Latzig
Elizabeth Pacenti
College of Science & Engineering Representatives Megan Grochowski
Jennifer Connell
Senior Students Representatives Mason Moran
Junior Students Representatives Ben Reimler
Sophomore Students Representatives Jack Smyth
Christina Melecio
Freshman Student Representatives Vacant
Graduate Students Representatives Kelly Kirkpatrick
At-Large Student Representatives Vacant