A Message from President Hepinstall

Fellow Warriors,

Throughout the 2014-2015 school year, I will have the pleasure of serving all the students of Winona State University. My job will be to perfect Winona State University in a way that will create an atmosphere that we Warriors need in order to thrive. Our university offers a unique opportunity to discover yourself and to discover the impact that you make in the world around you.

You may not realize the extent to which each of you have a voice in this university. You are more than a drone who just has to make their way through their time here. You are a vital cog in the machine that makes it run. If one cog breaks down the machine comes to a stop. If there is something that affects your progress and education at this institution, you have the right to voice it. Everything at this university is affected by your voice. This university would not exist without you, the students.

You have so much potential to unlock. You can push yourself to do such great things. The Senate and I are here to serve you all and we encourage you to make the effort to utilize us. Please feel free to drop us a note at the Improve WSU web page, email the Student Senate, stop in our office or email me directly at jhepinstall10@winona.edu with any concerns, questions or comments about student life at Winona State.

Please check out our website for information about creating and maintaining clubs, applying for the Student Senate, our Warrior Grant program and additional information about the Student Senate.

Jessica Hepinstall