10 Step Guide to Finding a Job or Internship

If you have any questions after reviewing these 10 steps for finding a job or internship please feel free to contact Career Services and set-up an appointment to meet with a career advisor:
1. Register for a FREE EZlink Account - Search for internships* and full-time jobs requiring a degree
2. Develop a resume, cover letter and obtain letters of recommendation
3. Make an appointment with Career Services to learn about job search resources and resume critiquing available to you
4. Sign up for on-campus interviews 
5. Attend Job and Career Fairs offered through WSU
6. Talk to professors, family and friends to locate possible job leads
7. Schedule an informational interview (refer to page 19 of our Career Guide for more information)
8. When you have located a job lead, research the organization thoroughly and have questions ready
9. Schedule a mock interview 
10. Send a thank you letter within 24 hours of any interview 

*If you are looking for an internship, make sure you also verify your academic department policies and requirements for internships and dates for registration with the Registrar's Office.