WSU Leadership Education student.

Student Resources

We have provided several resources to help students in the Leadership Education program.

Program Contract

The program contract is generally introduced to current students at their first appointment with their academic advisor.  It is a way for students to see their progression through the courses within their program.  Students can also see if there are any course substitutions that have been approved by faculty.

Course Schedule

We understand that it is often helpful for you to know when our courses will be offered many semesters in advance. You can refer to the documents below for this purpose. Please keep in mind that even though the information in these documents is as accurate as possible, it is subject to change.

Database Tutorial 

This video tutorial is a valuable resource provided by the WSU Krueger Library titled, “Diving Deeper into Databases.”  This resource will help you get started with the research required for a paper, thesis, or field study.

Registration Tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates how to register for WSU Leadership Education courses.

Department Calendar

Our Department Calendar provides dates and details for the Comprehensive Exams and other important events within the department.

Planning for Graduation

Do you want to visualize the steps needed to achieve your degree in Leadership Education or Education Leadership? Our Planning for Graduation Guide provides information about the process toward graduation and required forms.

Other resources that are useful for all WSU graduate students include: