College of Liberal Arts

WSU’s College of Liberal Arts congratulates all of our outstanding students graduating this spring.  We want to take note of these special stories of graduating seniors who have handled adversity with grace in becoming valued members of our community of learners: Ashlyn Crawford (Legal Studies/Intercultural Communications), Jonathan Moore (Criminal Justice), Nasro Abbas (Pre-Law/English/Philosophy), and Kelvin Landherr (Music/Piano Performance and Music Education/Instrumental). Congratulations to these and all CLA scholars!

WSU College of Liberal Arts students are stellar representatives of the WSU student body: highly engaged in and committed to academics, the arts and community -- from local to global levels.

Guiding the students are more than 150 faculty members who provide a top-quality education and rewarding experiences for their students.

The CLA has 13 departments, 40 degree programs, and confers about a quarter of all degrees granted at WSU. Our programs include cross-disciplinary studies in Ethnic Studies; Film Studies; Gerontology; Global Studies; Music Business; War, Peace, and Terrorism; and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Our students are learning for life.

Watch our CLA Synergy video to see and hear more about the WSU College of Liberal Arts experience.