Adult Learner Inventory (ALI), Noel-Levitz

Sample size: 899 undergraduate degree-seeking students; Rochester and Winona campuses; 34% rate of return

  • Web-based assessment developed by Noel-Levitz
  • Nationally benchmarked; 21,939 students
  • Students rank items by importance and satisfaction
  • Results identify instructional strengths, weakness and gaps

Key results

Strengths: technology; student support services
Area of Improvement: overcoming barriers in time, place and tradition; life and career planning

The ALI was conducted during the 2012-2013 academic year on both the Winona and Rochester campuses. The results of these online assessments identified strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in adult learner services and satisfaction at Winona State University.  

Winona State University Overall ALI Report (PDF)

Winona Campus vs. National (PDF)

Rochester Campus vs. National (PDF)