Winona State Safety and Security

At WSU, we watch out for one another. But we realize that a safe, secure campus isn't achieved through good intentions alone. WSU has plans and measures in place and is prepared to protect its students, faculty and staff, and its property.

WSU Campus Security is staffed with approximately 60 students security guards led by three full-time personnel who have a combined 75 years of law enforcement experience. Campus security is just a phone call away: ext. 5555.

Once in a while professors cancel classes or the university might close campus until dangerous weather blows over. When in doubt, look over the Severe Weather Notification Plan, which posts up-to-date campus and class cancellation statuses on inclement days.

Members of the WSU community are encouraged to register for Star Alert, an emergency notification service that sends emergency-only messages via text messaging and email during emergencies that threaten life or severely impact campus operations.

When witnessing or experiencing a crime or concerning incident, it might be difficult to directly approach Security or University officials face-to-face. We understand, and that's why we offer the I Witnessed reporting tool for anyone who has witnessed, or knows about, an incident or crime committed on campus. This program will provide a means for students, faculty or staff to anonymously report crimes on campus.