As one of first universities in the U.S. to provide laptops to students, WSU knows how important technology is to your education and daily life.

So we give you the technology tools you need to learn, work, discover and play all day every day.

WSU ranks as a top 25 Wireless College Campus in the U.S by the Center of Digital Education & Intel Corporation

Tech at Your Fingertips

Through our eWarrior program, you get a fully configured laptop with all the programs and software you need.

Mac or PC? It’s your choice. Depending on your course or program requirements, you may receive an iPad too.

You'll have the latest version of programs commonly used in the working world, like the Office 365 Suite, and specialized software like Adobe Creative Suite.

And since you'll switch out for a new laptop every two years, you'll never be stuck behind the curve.

But it’s so much more than just mobile devices — the program ensures you have secure, reliable, and supportable technology 24/7.

WiFi for the Win

What runs the world? Wifi—well, at WSU anyway.

Our entire campus is completely wireless, so you can connect whether you're in the library, your res hall or even in the courtyard.

The residence halls even have a dedicated wifi network so you can stream content or research for class without slowing down.

Classrooms are also outfitted with screens, projectors and plenty of outlets for total digital learning.

We know it's tough to stay focused on homework during those too few beautiful spring days. That's why WSU brought wifi to East Lake Park so you don't have to choose.

Get your study on and some sun.

Top-of-the-Line Learning

Technology moves fast, but WSU is no slouch.

From nursing to composite materials engineering to chemistry and more, our labs feature state-of-the-art equipment so you get hands-on experience to get ready for the career-world.

The Krueger Library is also building a makerspace complete with 3D printer to help students push boundaries with capstone projects.