First-Year Admissions

To complete your application, you’ll just need to send official high school transcripts and pay the application fee. No ACT or SAT scores required!

Guaranteed Admission

If you’re a student with a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale, you’ll be guaranteed admission to Winona State University as long as you complete the required high school courses before the end of your senior year.

Keep in mind that Rochester is a degree-completion campus, so you need at least 60 credits to enter these programs.

If you don’t meet this requirement—don’t worry.

We still encourage you to apply.

An admissions counselor will review your application to determine your potential for success at WSU.

We may request additional information before making an admissions decision.

High School Course Preparation

To be admitted to WSU, we look for the following high school course completions on your transcript(s):

  • 4 years of English
  • 3 years of mathematics
  • 3 years of science (1 year biological science and 1 year chemistry or physics—all should include labs)
  • 3 years of social studies (including 1 year U.S. history)
  • 1 year of specified electives (e.g. world cultures, computer science, arts, music)

It is optional to take 2 years of a world language (American Sign Language included).

How to Apply

Your application won’t be processed until your transcript and fee payment are received.

If you need to change any information after you’ve submitted your application, contact us at

ACT & SAT Scores

Winona State doesn’t require ACT or SAT scores for admission.

However, you’re encouraged to send scores if you’ve taken either test.

These test scores help determine your placement in English, math, and foreign language courses and may help you qualify for certain scholarships.

You can send these scores to WSU in 2 ways:

  • Select WSU when completing your test: use ACT code 2162 or SAT code 6680
  • Ask ACT or SAT to send an official score to WSU

Transfer Credits

Have you gotten a head start on your college degree? You can transfer those credits to WSU and keep the momentum going.

Don’t worry about getting an official transcript evaluation. The WSU Admissions team always evaluates your credits when you’re accepted.

You can use Transferology to get a sense of how your credits will transfer to WSU. This is a free resource available 24/7.

Track Your Application

Can’t wait to see if you got in?

You can check on your application status any day, any time in the My Warrior Life portal.

Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll find a checklist that outlines your next steps for housing, financial aid, and more.

Students are also mailed a decision 2-3 weeks after all information is received. If you don’t get the decision you were hoping for, there is an appeal process.

Remember that admission to Winona State University is the first step. Some degree programs may have additional standards for entrance after you’re enrolled at WSU.