Discover Life at WSU: A Community of Learners Improving Our World

Life at WSU

What’s it like at WSU? Most noticeable is the remarkably beautiful campus and its natural surroundings. Stepping on campus, there’s a vibe, a feeling, a warmth that many of us say feels instantly like home.

There’s a commitment to welcoming, including, accepting, and supporting one another – especially those who might not be welcomed, included or accepted elsewhere.

People care here – about one another, our planet, our community and our world. We earnestly believe in being a force for good and making a positive impact.

Our commitment to caring is matched by our dedication to providing a modern, top-notch education that prepares our graduates to secure and thrive in their careers, their lives and in their communities.

Location, Location, Location

Walking through campus feels a lot like a stroll through a scenic park. We’ve got the best nature has to offer: lakes, bluffs, the Mississippi River.

7 Most Beautiful Spots in Winona 


And then there's outdoor activities from hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing, paddling, or simply enjoying scenic views from residence hall windows.

More than just exceptional beauty, much of what we do and who we are is directly influenced by our environment and natural surroundings.

Nature is part of the academic and student life experience. WSU offers students the chance to learn on a “floating classroom,” explore the rare geology of the region and study an adventure tourism minor. 



You are Welcome Here

Beyond Minnesota-nice, the culture at Winona State is genuinely friendly. Students, faculty and staff alike are willing to help – whether it’s staying after class to answer questions, supporting a research passion or simply holding the door.

Building an inclusive and culturally-diverse community is a top priority. Through education, outreach, dialog and dedicated, staff, service, structures and spaces, we work to empower students to succeed on campus and in a global society.

A Community of Learners

Improving our world is our mission. And our students and faculty live it, performing nearly 100,000 hours of community service each year.

They support local organizations, create projects of their own, and go on service-learning trips around the globe -- from clean water to gender-based violence, public health clinics, and carrying the stories of Indigenous People.

We believe that engaged learning serves our mission, our community and our students.

Live the Warrior Way


At WSU, we recognize our role and responsibility to support and sustain a viable planet and future for all.

We practice and promote sustainable living through our campus infrastructure and student housing. Courses, research and program offerings are also infused with ideas of sustainability.

Students Support the Green Fee


As one of the first universities in the U.S. to provide laptops to students, WSU knows how important technology is to how we live, learn, work and connect with one another and the world around us.

However, WSU provides more than just access to the latest laptops, up-to-date software and tech-enabled classrooms. We teach our students (and faculty) to use the technology to enrich learning and life.

From makerspaces and 3D printers to simulation labs, WSU has modern technology to prepare students to be career ready in a tech-centered world.

 $1 Million in New Equipment

Top-notch Education

We often hear “Winona State is a private-quality education at a public university." We’re a top-ranked university recognized year after year for the value, affordability, and quality.

Our innovative programs, approachable and genuine faculty, robust student support services and personal attention pay off.

Our graduates (more than 95%) land jobs in their fields and are consistently recognized as top performers in their careers. Furthermore, they are seen as valued contributors to their communities.

Here's to Our Successful Grads

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