Welcome to the Warrior Success Center

Supporting Students with Advising, Career and Access Services

The mission of the Warrior Success Center (WSC) is to provide free and accessible services and resources for student success. We provide individualized advising to students and help deciding students identify majors and careers that are best suited to their unique interests, strengths and goals.

We actively collaborate with a variety of programs and departments at WSU (such as our Success Coaches) as well as community partners.

Have tough questions? Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to turn? The Warrior Success Center has one goal—to help you be successful and reach your goals. We can assist you with transitioning to college, choosing a major, improving your grades, preparing for the job search, and much more. If you have a diagnosed disability, we can even help you identify and benefit from necessary accommodations. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us or set up an appointment. This is what we do.

 The transition to college can be a very challenging and stressful time for your student and for you. If you have any concerns about your student’s adjustment to college, academic performance, or career preparation, we can help.

Our department is staffed with professional academic and career advisors who meet one-on-one with students and offer support and guidance customized to the needs of each individual. We offer an exceptional tutoring program appropriate to students of all ability levels. We offer access services and accommodations tailored to the needs of students with diagnosed physical or mental health disabilities.

Students are our top priority. You can trust us to assist your student whenever needed along his or her educational journey. When in doubt, send your student to us.

At the WSC, we seek to collaborate with faculty and staff of all departments, because when we work together our students benefit greatly.  We assist students in transition, either between majors or those who are undecided. We support students who are struggling academically by helping them identify supportive services and developing a plan for success. We can speak with your class on a wide variety of topics from the services of the Warrior Success Center, to choosing a major, to resume writing and interview skills. We also host a variety of campus events including the Major and Career Fairs, alumni panels, opportunities to interact with employers, and so much more.

The Warrior Success Center is here to support you in helping students achieve success at WSU and beyond. Let us know how you would like to collaborate!

Academic Progress Reporting System (APRS) is a program where faculty enter grades at midterm for students in their classes who have been identified as at risk for retention and overall academic success. 

Input grades for your students or learn more about how the Academic Progress Reporting System works to support student success.