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Career Services offers guidance, programs, and resources to support you and your career goals.

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Career Services is all about student success.

Whether your post-grad goal is to get an internship or job or to continue your education, Career Services has the resources to help you begin or establish your career. 

Meet with a Career Advisor to explore careers, consider degree programs, and determine which resources are right for you.

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Myths about Majors & Careers

There’s 1 perfect major or career for me.
There’s 1 perfect major or career for me.

Truth: Your skills, interests, and goals could lead to several majors and careers.

People are not one dimensional, and your job alone does not define you.

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Choosing the wrong major or career now means I’ll hate my life.
Choosing the wrong major or career now means I’ll hate my life.

Truth: Many people have multiple jobs & are happy in their career path.

Start with a career that you can explore for 5 years, then look for new opportunities better for your strengths and interests.

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Employers only look for certain majors.
Employers only look for certain majors.

Truth: Employers look for certain skills.

The best candidates show critical thinking, teamwork, communication, & leadership plus a good work ethic.

They can easily train you on specific job duties.

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The best careers have high job growth & high salaries.
The best careers have high job growth & high salaries.

Truth: The best careers are the ones you love and suit your strengths!

You may choose an in-demand career that pays very well.

But don’t make your decision based solely on these factors.

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Explore Careers
Exploring careers is more than just choosing a major.

Researching job roles, industry trends, companies, career trajectories, and new career fields will help you manage your career and allow you to grow as a professional.

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Take a Career Assessment

The most important first step in selecting a major is knowing yourself. 

What are your interests, strengths, and goals? What are your must-haves when it comes to your future career? What majors are best for your personality? 

Learning these things about yourself is easy with a free self-assessment.  

Gain Experience

Before searching for a job, you’ll want to gain additional experience. This extra experience will help move your application forward.

The good news is that you can gain additional experience for job searches on campus at Winona State.

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Attend Events & Make Connections

Apply to Grad School

Continuing your education can be a big decision. Choosing which programs to apply to and completing applications can also be time consuming. 

Learn more and get help with the graduate school search and application process.

Get tips on writing personal statements, scholarship essays, and graduate program applications from WSU’s Writing Center.

One-on-One Assistance

Career Services offers personalized support for students in Winona and Rochester.

For help with resumes or cover letters, please email the advisor a copy of your documents at least 24 hours before your appointment.

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