Teaching Tools

Remember, your first step is to activate your Brightspace course, update your course syllabus and schedule, communicate with your students, organize your Brightspace course shell, and get familiar with Zoom.

To assist with adaptations to your syllabus, learning materials, and learning activities, go through the Planning Strategies to identify the types of changes you want to make.

Then use the information below to identify the appropriate tools you may need to implement the teaching strategies outlines.

Announcements and updates

  • Brightspace Announcements
    You can give updates to your class by using the Announcements tool in D2L Brightspace. These updates can include text, images/graphics, or video messages.
  • Email
    You can utilize Brightspace to email individual students, groups of students, or all students on the classlist. You will also receive any emails that you send, so you can be sure that they have been sent and have a record of your emails.

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Student Discussions
You can use the Discussion tool in Brightspace to encourage students to ask questions of you and each other about course topics, logistics, and to share reflections of course content.

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Communication in Real Time
You can utilize Zoom meetings to facilitate real-time communications with your students. This is ideal for individual meetings, small-, or large-group conversations. You also have the ability to record these sessions so you can post them for all students.

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Adam Krings has been working with multiple providers and our eBook provider RedShelf to provide access to textbook materials for faculty and students.

If you would like help getting students access to digital materials please take the following steps:

  • Go to RedShelf and see if they have your book listed on the site for students to use for free. They are continuing to build this list daily.
  • If you do not see your book on the list, please contact your publishing representative for your book.  Many publishers are helping to provide access to books for students.

Contact Adam at akrings@winona.edu with questions.

Remote class sessions at scheduled times
You can schedule one-time or recurring meetings in Zoom, where you will be able to use your webcam and share your screen with students. With small classes, you can have students participate with audio and video. With larger classes, it’s best to have students participate with chat and poll functionality.

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Class discussion

For asynchronous discussions, you can use the Discussion tool within Brightspace. You can have students discuss course material, conduct peer reviews, and provide reflections using the discussion tool.

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Share readings and other course materials
You can easily share materials with students through the Brightspace Content section under Materials. You can upload documents, graphics, videos, etc. or you can create your own web file from within Brightspace. When uploading or creating content, be sure to organize it logically within modules and name files so they are easily identified. You may want to use the Announcements tool to notify students of any new content or modules that you add to the course.

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Record presentations or lectures
You have two options for recording lectures and presentations. Zoom or Kaltura. Using Zoom, you can record your presentations and save the recordings in the Zoom cloud or on your computer. Zoom has an auto transcript feature that you can take advantage of. You can also use Kaltura to pre-record a lecture or presentation. Best practices for pre-recorded lectures are to keep them short (5 minutes maximum) and specific to one topic. Once recorded, you can do some minor editing and have machine captions created. Be sure to review the captioning so that important terms and content is recognized. Videos created using Kaltura will be stored in your MediaSpace account which easily interfaces with Brightspace.

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Online assignments
In your Brightspace course, you can create assignments where students will be able to see your directions (through text, attached files, or video), submit their work online to a designated dropbox, and receive feedback from you.

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Online quizzes and exams

You can create and assign online quizzes or exams to students through Brightspace. There are a range of question types available, including self-graded True/False and Multiple Choice, as well as short answer and essay questions which you grade independently. You can create these assessments to be accessed on specific days and times, set time limits, and adjust other security options.

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