Transfer Pathways Programs

Ready to move to a four-year university and complete your bachelor’s degree?

With the Transfer Pathways Programs, it’s easy to continue your degree at WSU after starting your education at a community college.

Find the right program for you among the variety of transfer pathways across academic departments.


The WSU Accounting program prepares students well for their future careers. In fact, WSU graduates score higher than the national average on the CPA exam. Overall, the faculty have designed the courses to cover major content areas for professional certification exams.

See the Accounting Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).


A Biology degree prepares you for a career in a vast field that ranges from areas in medicine to studying the environment.

In addition to labs with the latest equipment, WSU students enjoy the outdoor lab that surrounds Winona -- namely the Mississippi River and the Driftless Zone topography.

Students can also visit Belize and Tanzania through faculty-led travel programs designed to complement the biology major.

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Business Administration

A degree in Business Administration provides students with the opportunity to work at many Minnesota companies including Fastenal, Mayo Clinic and more. 75% of Business Administration graduates in 2015 were working full- or part-time in their degree field within a year of graduation.

See the Business Administration Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).


The Chemistry department offers degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science and more.

With well-equipped labs, an ACS-approved curriculum and faculty who are active scientists, you'll be more than ready for your first job. Chemistry and Biochemistry at WSU have a 90% career or graduate school placement rate for the past three years.

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Communication Studies

Learn how to write, speak, analyze information and work with people effectively in the WSU Communication Studies major. You'll have access to an excellent internship program to get hands-on experience for your future career.

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Computer Science

A degree in Computer Science prepares you to enter the growing fields of web development, programming, IT and more. 74% of WSU Computer Science graduates in 2015 continued their education or found full-time jobs in their field by 2016.

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Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement

Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement puts you on track to becoming a police officer. WSU is ranked as the university with the #1 P.O.S.T. program in Minnesota, so you can be confident that you are getting high-quality education and training.

See the Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).

Early Childhood Education

As a teacher, you shape a child's first experiences of school and learning. WSU's online degree in Early Childhood Education prepares you to work with infants to kids in third grade.

The Early Childhood Education Online program focuses on how to teach literacy and numeracy to young children and includes a student teaching experience.

See the Online Early Childhood Education Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).


An Economics degree combines business and liberal arts to ensure students have the best foundation for future careers. You'll learn to do research, analyze data and solve complex business problems.

Winona State has a 100% job placement rate for Economics graduates within one year of graduation.

See the Economics Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).

Elementary Education

WSU has been known for its strong teaching program since it began in 1858. Today, Elementary Education is one of the most popular majors and students learn how to teach so that every child can learn in a way best suited to them.

Add a minor such as math or special education to your licensure area to help your resumé stand out when searching for full-time teaching jobs.

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Read, write, sleep, repeat. That's the life as an English major as you explore literature and learn writing skills across genres from poetry to academic essays to technical writing.

There are many ways to put those skills to use at WSU. You could work as a tutor in the Writing Center, be a reporter for the Winonan student newspaper or write for the WSU Blogs.

With an English degree from WSU, you'll be set up for a career in any number of industries, and the Twin Cities are just a couple hours away and bursting with opportunities.

See the English: Literature and Language Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).

Exercise Science

A degree in Exercise Science prepares students for work in health fitness, personal training and more.

You can get hands-on experience by working as a fitness coach for other WSU students in the Integrated Wellness Center or as a health coach for the wider community through a partnership with Winona Health.

Learn how other countries approach health and exercise through faculty-led travel programs to Ireland, England and Peru.

See the Exercise Science Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).


A History degree allows for a career in almost any area as you’ll learn important skills such as strong writing, communication and critical thinking. WSU’s History program offers small class sizes and opportunities to learn outside the classroom through internships at local historical museums.

See the History Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).

Mass Communication

The Mass Communication department offers a variety of majors, all ready to set you up for a successful career in exciting fields.

If you choose the Advertising or Public Relations track, you'll take the capstone course "Campaigns" in your final year. In Campaigns, teams of students establish their own "agency" brand and develop marketing campaigns for a real external client throughout the semester.

See the Transfer Pathway Major Maps:


Math is the foundation for a wide variety of career areas including business, weather and analytics. 82% of 2015 WSU Mathematics graduates continued their education or found full- or part-time positions in their field by 2016.

See the Mathematics Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).

Management Information Systems

When you study Management Information Systems, you'll learn how to improve efficiency by combining business processes with technology. 71% of MIS 2015 graduates found full-time employment in their field within one year of graduation.

See the Management Information Systems Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).

Political Science

Majoring in Political Science prepares you to be an engaged and knowledgeable citizen who is able to clearly see and solve problems in our world.

Run for WSU's Student Senate to put your degree knowledge to use, serve your fellow students and build your resumé. Help people register to vote and understand why voting is important with the American Democracy Project.

See the Political Science Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).


A degree from WSU helps you begin the journey to your dream job. The WSU Psychology program combines liberal arts skills like critical thinking and communication with field-related knowledge and experience. This makes your degree incredibly flexible so you can enter a variety of careers.

WSU Psychology graduates do well in both graduate school and careers right out of college.

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Social Work

The WSU Social Work program makes sure that students are ready for their careers through a 480-hour internship. The Winona area offers various internship options including Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center and Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, WI.

Or, if you want to continue your education, take your career to the next level with a Masters of Social Work.

See the Social Work Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).


Studying Sociology at WSU teaches you to work with the structures and systems in society that affect people's everyday lives.

This prepares you to enter a wide variety of careers from counselor to researcher to manager and students have internships at non-profits, local governments, rehabilitation centers and more.

See the Sociology Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).


You can major in Spanish alone or choose to double-major and create a powerful skillset for your future career. WSU’s Spanish program offers several travel study and study abroad opportunities so students can be immersed in the language and culture.

Already know the language a bit? Get a B or higher in an upper-level course and you can buy credits for the lower-level courses, too.

See the Spanish Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).

Studio Art

The WSU Studio Art program gives students 24/7 access to 3D printing and a Design Production Lab at no extra cost. WSU also offers various art clubs that travel to nearby art museums and visiting artist talks.

Expand your artistic perspective through faculty-led travel programs to places like China, Italy and New Zealand.

See the Studio Art Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).


When you are a Theatre major at WSU, you have opportunities to be in multiple productions each year. Plus, there are many theaters and festivals -- like the renowned Great River Shakespeare Festival -- in the Winona area to experience.

Last but not least, WSU’s Theatre and Dance department is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

See the Theatre Transfer Pathway Major Map (PDF).