Adult Entry Process

Looking to start a process or finish a process you started years ago? WSU's Adult Entry Process was designed just for you!

The process provides you with alternative admission criteria and the opportunity to:

  • Start or complete the process you put on hold
  • Explore turning your prior learning into college credits
  • Get personalized advising as you begin your educational journey

No matter your needs, we are here to help you start or complete your process.

Once you have been admitted to the university, explore our Admitted Students information. You will find helpful links and resources, as well as online orientation modules to help you prepare for a successful academic experience.

To qualify for Adult Entry admission, you must have earned a high school or GED diploma a minimum of four years ago. If you have taken college credits elsewhere, it must be at least one year since you were last enrolled at another school. Military experience after high school may also qualify you for admission through the Adult Entry Process.

We recognizes that adults returning to or entering college after an extended absence have needs quite different from those of the traditional student. 


  • As an adult student the entrance requirements themselves differ slightly. Winona State will not require that you provide and ACT, SAT, or MCA score to be admitted.
  • Many adults have acquired college level learning in a variety of settings. The opportunity to apply for credit for prior learning means savings in time, energy and money. 
  • The adult student who has never attended college before or who is returning after an absence of some years can clearly recognize the value of supplemental advising and counseling services provided by staff dedicated to your needs and questions. 
  • WSU has online resources specifically geared toward helping adult students connected with, and preare for, and successful academic experience at Winona State.
The entire process has been designed to take into consideration the experience, needs and maturity of the adult student.


Students may choose to major in any of the academic programs listed in the current undergraduate catalog.

As you prepare for your fist semester at Winona State, you will be required to connect with an advisor to receive guidance on registration. You can do this one of several ways. You can attend a Transfer Registration event on your home campus, or you can schedule an appointment with an Adult Entry advisor if the dates of the scheduled Registration Events do not work for you.

Students who have a declared major at the time of admission may meet with a departmental advisor from the program in which they are planning to major before registering for classes. After their first semester of coursework, declared majors should meet with their assigned advisor in the department housing their major program while undeclared majors should meet with an undeclared major advisor in the Warrior Success Center or continue to meet with their Adult Entry advisor until they have declared a major.

An associate degree requires a minimum of 60 credits; a BA, BS and BAS degree require a minimum of 120 credits. Catalog requirements for the general education program, majors and minors (if needed) must be completed for all programs, including 30 course credits from Winona State in your Junior/Senior years and a 2.0 average overall (on a 4.0 scale). Individual departments may require a higher GPA and additional credits. 

There are many different educational opportunities available each semester. An advisor will provide information and assistance to help you achieve your educational goal.

  • Credit for prior learning
  • Winona State University classes
  • Internships
  • Military training
  • Transfer coursework from another accredited post-secondary institution

A one-time only admission fee of $20 is required of all new students. This fee is waived for students transferring from Rochester Community and Technical College, Minnesota State College Southeast as well as Riverland Community College).

The MN State Colleges and Universities Board determines tuition for classes.

Fees may vary depending on the location of the class. Fees for Credit for Prior Learning vary depending on the type of credit being pursued.

The Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) is the application for all federal and state financial aid. This application will need to be completed for every school year you plan to apply for financial aid.

There is no cost to apply for Financial Aid.

If you have questions regarding Financial Aid, please contact 507.457.2800.

To qualify for Adult Entry Process admission you must have earned a high school or GED diploma a minimum of four years ago, and self-identify on your Application for Admission.

If you have taken college credits elsewhere, it must be at least one year since you were last enrolled at another school. Military experience after high school may also qualify you for this special admission status.

Apply Now

For assistance with the admissions process contact the WSU Admissions office at 507.457.5100.