General Education Program Requirements

General Education Program Criteria  - Goals 1-10
General Education Courses by Goal Area     
General Education Program Planning Worksheet (PDF)
Advising the General Education Program (PDF)

The General Education Program of Winona State University provides a broad base of skills and knowledge to equip students for informed, responsible citizenship in a changing world. It thereby distinguishes a college degree from a technical or occupational training program certificate.

The program provides opportunities for students to evaluate their cultural and social inheritance critically, to think scientifically in both the natural and social spheres, to think beyond the boundaries of their own culture and to understand the expressive arts. It also enhances reasoning, analytic and communication skills that students will need to perform well in a wide range of occupations and post-graduate programs.

Finally, the program provides the opportunity for students to explore how an understanding of the connections among these diverse bodies of skill and knowledge enhance their ability to live well and ethically in the contemporary world.