Bicycle Task Force

The All-University Arboretum and Land Stewardship Committee requested that the administration form a WSU Campus Bicycle Task Force. The recommendation was made in order to encourage greater use of bicycles to and from campus as a means to reduce vehicle traffic and to address various other issues relating to maintaining the beauty, safety, and integrity of the campus grounds. The task force is expected to interact with the campus planning consultants.

A. Charge: To develop and recommend policies and procedures which:

1. Encourage sustainable transportation practices to and from campus.

2. Enhance the “bicycle-friendly” nature of campus; including the number, style and placement of bicycle racks.

3. Address currently questionable bicycle-use practices; such as securing bicycles to objects other than racks and dealing with abandoned bicycles on campus.

4. Address other suggestions or concerns that result from an invitation to campus constituencies for input.
The task force will provide recommendations to Cabinet by November 1, 2015, or in a timely way to enable
RDG Design (campus master planners) to incorporate recommendations in their final report.

B. Composition:

1 IFO, 1 MSUAASF, 1 MAPE, 1 MMA, 1 COA, 1 AFSCME, 1 Arboretum Committee, 1 Sustainability Committee, 1 (or more) Student Senate or Student Environmental Club


2015-2016 Membership

IFO: Jacob Hines
MSUAASF: Sarah Olcott
MAPE: David Burman
MMA: vacant
COA: Peter Miene (chair)
AFSCME: vacant
Arboretum Committee: Gerald Landby
Sustainability Committee: Eric Wright
Student Senate or Student Environmental Club: Amanda Boss
Ex officio: Paul Stern, Campus Bike Program