Curriculum Grant

Faculty members are invited to submit proposals for curriculum development grants that will facilitate students participating in course work relevant to community engagement. We are especially interested in curriculum development that links students with the community in ways related to this year’s University Theme. Preference will be given to curriculum development designed to solve real problems; address societal challenges; and/or provide service to the regional community. Projects may involve classes, workshops, events and/or research or creative projects. Cross-disciplinary grants are encouraged.

Application Form

When filling out the Curriculum Development Grant Application (PDF), please keep in mind the requirements for funded curriculum components are as follows:
  • Component must be relevant to course content
  • Component must be designed to facilitate students in relevant community engagement
  • Component must be implemented in Fall 2014, Spring 2014 or Summer 2014
  • Students involved in the component must be evaluated with respect to the benefits of this component to their general and course-specific learning
  • Students must be required to submit at least one blog to WSU’s Improving Our World blog
  • A final report, with optional pictures, must be submitted to be posted to the WSU website

Grant Timeline


Grant awards are available for up to $500. Submissions involving multiple faculty members are allowed. However, multiple submissions requesting support for the same concept will be ineligible.

Allowable Expenditures

Funds may be used for resource materials, educational supplies, student or staff support, community member support, travel, or other relevant expenses.  

2014-15 Timetable

 April 15
Due date for fall course proposals
 May 1
Notification of fall awards
 October 5
Due date for spring and summer course proposals
 October 15
Notification of spring awards
 May 15, 2015        
Final reports due

Proposal Format

Proposals should include a Title Page, Budget Description and Concept Description that is no longer than three pages in length.  Please use the attached Application Form.

Review Process

Grant proposals will be reviewed by members of the Learning and Community Engagement Committee. IFO members of the committee will determine final approval.


Applicants are encouraged to consult with the Joan Francioni, Faculty Liaison for Engagement,, (x2336) to discuss engaged learning pedagogy as well as possible community partnerships.


Proposals should be submitted in electronic format to Joan Francioni, Faculty Liaison for Engagement,