Design Concerns:

Design Concern: A concern in which you design around

Design Requirement: A requirement that your design needs to meet

Design Goal: A goal that your design would ideally achieve

Description of Design Concerns

Lightweight: When in the backcountry, a hiker, snowmobilier, skier, or snowboarder will carry their gear in some sort of backback. Having the items in the backpack weigh as little as possible will help the backcountry outdoorsman to perform their task easier and more effiecient.

Strength and Stiffness: When using a shovel to remove snow in the backcountry a lot of stress can be placed on the blade, shaft and handle. In order to make sure the shovel does not break while being used in the back country it will have to have adequete strength and stiffness. A shovel in the backcountry will undergo shear, flexural and impact stresses. If the Snow Badger avalanche shovel could not withstand those stresses in the backcountry the shovel would fail, possibly risking the lives of the people the shovel is trying to save.

Degradation of Shovel due to Environmental Conditions: The Snow Badger avalanche shovel is intened to be used for backcountry outdoors activities. While in the outdoors the shovel will be exposed to UV rays from the sun, water from the snow and cold temperatures from th weather. If the mechanical properties of the shovel degrade to much under any of these conditions the Snow Badger avalanche shovel could fail and leave someone stranded in the snow.

Easy transport and use: In order for an avalanche shovel to be brought in the backcountry it will have to be easy to transport. With only a limited amount of storage for backcountry activities the Snow Badger avalanche shovel will have to be easily attached to the method of transportation. Having a avalanche shovel that is easy to use will save time in the recovery of avalanche victims which could help to save more lives. By having snap buttons to attach the various parts makes the Snow Badger avalanche shovel easy to use.

Affordability: In order to get the product out to the consumers the Snow Badger first needs to become affordable. If the price of the avalanche shovel is too high customers may go with a different avalanche shovel.