Dr. J. Paul Johnson

PhD University of Minnesota

Professor J. Paul Johnson has taught at WSU since 1987, directing the Writing Center from 1992-2003 and the University Studies Program from 2003-2009.

He teaches a variety of undergraduate courses in writing, film and literature as well as graduate seminars in composition and narrative theory. His essays on composition appear in Thought and Action, Kairos, Kansas English and Practice in Context (NCTE, 2002), and he has presented papers on teaching, writing, literature and film at a variety of regional, national and international conferences.

With Jeff Galin and Carol Haviland, he is co-editor of Teaching/Writing in the Late Age of Print (Creskill, NJ: Hampton, 2003); with Ethan Krase he is co-author of Theory and Practice for Writing Tutors (Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, 2009) as well as articles in The Journal of Teaching Writing, Writing across the Curriculum Journal and Across the Disciplines.

Professor Johnson lives in Onalaska, Wisconsin with his family.

Cover of Dr. Johnson and Dr. Krase’s book.

Cover of Dr. Johnson’s book.

Theory and Practice for Writing Tutors
Dr. J. Paul Johnson & Ethan Krase

Teaching Writing in the Late Age of Print
Dr. J. Paul Johnson