After Your HLA Advising Appointment

After your HLA Advising Appointment, there are several resources with which you will need to become familiar and steps you will need to follow.

The advising resources page contains a number of essential resources that will help you understand the processes you will need as a WSU student.

The DARS report is prepared to assist students in determining their academic progress. Your DARS will be used each semester to understand how far you have come academically and what will be best for you as you progress toward degree completion. View the DARS Tutorial.

Once you have registered for at least one class, you are eligible to participate in the Digital Life & Learning program. If you take fewer than 12 credits and/or if the majority of your credits are offered through the Rochester campus, you are not required to participate in this program.

If, however, you choose to participate in the program and receive the benefits of participating, you will need to schedule a time to pick up your laptop and go through a brief orientation. You can pick up your laptop and go through orientation on either the Rochester or Winona campus. Contact one of the following to schedule your appointment:

Matthew Brown (Rochester Campus): 507-280-2944 or
Winona Technical Support Center: 507-457-5240 or

Because HLA is a fully online program, this degree has specific computer hardware, software, and student technical skills requirements. Please review these requirements here.

Your WSU email account is the official means for WSU faculty and staff to communicate with you. To get your StarID and password, contact WSU Technical Support at 507.457.5240, option 1. For instructions on changing your password go to here. Check your email regularly. Many professors send information about classes and assignments before classes begin. 

All students are required to complete an Immunization Record. Students born on or before December 31, 1956 must complete the form but do not have to supply dates. Check with your current physician, parent/guardian, county records, and/or high school to obtain your records.

For students who transfer into WSU from any other school in Minnesota, the record need not be provided. Students meeting this criterion must call Health & Wellness Services, however, to inform them of their Minnesota transfer status and request to be exempt.

Visit the Health & Wellness Services website for more information. If your records are not submitted during your first semester at WSU, you will not be able to register for following semesters until they are submitted.
You will use the Minnesota State web registration system to enroll in your courses each semester. View the Web Registration Tutorial.

D2L (Desire to Learn) Brightspace is an online collaboration site that is used in nearly every course by nearly every professor, even if the course is not online. Make sure you review this tutorial prior to the first day of classes.

Use your StarID and password to sign into D2L Brightspace here

You will need to find the required textbooks for your courses prior to the start of each semester. You will look at the bookstore website to find your course and learn what book(s) is/are required for the course. It is important that you remember that if you are taking courses at more than one school in a semester, you will need to check the bookstore of all of the institutions from which you are taking courses.

The University Center Rochester Bookstore will have the details of the books you will need for your HLA core courses. RCTC courses will also have book information available through the University Center Rochester Bookstore. If you are taking courses based on the Winona campus, you will need to go to the Winona State Bookstore to find your books. Bemidji electives will list books on the Bemidji website. After you visit the appropriate site(s) to find what books are required, you can either place orders through the bookstore website(s) or you can purchase your books through another retail or online provider. If you choose this option, make sure that you are purchasing the correct edition(s). If you have questions regarding your textbook(s), please contact the instructor for your class. 

As a student in the HLA program, you will need an ID card to access library resources. When you are admitted, you will need to send the following information to Sandra Aaby in the University Center-Rochester Library:
  • Last name, first name, middle initial
  • Warrior ID number
  • Stinger ID number (if you have ever been a student at Rochester Community & Technical College)
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address
  • Winona State e-mail address
This site has more information about ID cards, as well as additional resources for distance learners. If you have questions about this process, please call 507-536-5388.

The HLA program is a collaborative offering between Winona State University and Bemidji State University (BSU), with all online elective coursework for the major provided through BSU. If you will be taking HLA coursework through both WSU and BSU for a given semester, contact your HLA advisor who will guide you in accessing email and D2L accounts for your BSU courses. 

The first week of fall and spring semester classes is “Drop/Add Week.” You can make changes to your schedule through the first Friday of classes without penalty*.