Lourdes Hall

Lourdes Hall is home to about 400 students, most of whom are first-year students. The rooms in Lourdes Hall are spacious with high ceilings, and in general Lourdes Hall has so much space hanging out with friends and studying.

It’s an ideal hall for introverts and people who like their personal space because most of the rooms are for just one person. No roommate means your bedroom is a truly private retreat to study, relax or simply sleep in every morning without interruptions.

Speaking of sleeping in—want to have brunch in your pajamas? We don't judge.

Students in Lourdes have the convenience of a dining hall right in their residence hall, so grab your slippers and head downstairs.

When you’re ready to go to class, the free WSU Shuttle will be waiting at the bus stop right out front.

Whether you go for the single room or opt for the double, there’s no need to worry about being lonely. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to be social in lounges and other common areas.

Plus there are regular hall events and house competitions to help you meet people in the West Campus community.

There's always someone near, but you can still find your favorite quiet spot to relax or study.

Once you’ve been assigned to Lourdes Hall, be sure to join the Lourdes Hall Facebook Group to meet your hallmates and make new friends!

Students living at the Lourdes Hall can choose among the following types of apartments:

Basic Single Room (10' x 11' 9") [Floor Plan (PDF)]
1 Person
Basic Double Room (13' x 12') [Floor Plan (PDF)]
2 People

Room Furniture & Features

Each room comes with a bed, dresser or walk in closet, desk, and a chair for each resident of the room. There is one book shelf and garbage can per room. All rooms are cable, phone and internet ready. Many students choose to loft their beds in Lourdes.

Single Room

Lourdes Hall Single ROom

Double Room

Lourdes Hall Double Room

For a full list of amenities, please visit the Housing Amenities page.

Dining Center and Snack Shop

The Lourdes Dining Center is available for all students who are on a meal plan, whether they are living on the Main or West Campus. Students who dine at the Lourdes Dining Center enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and unique architecture of the space. There is also an after-hour snack shop open 8-11pm where students may purchase items with Kryzsko Kash or Purple Pass. Just off of the main dining area is the Mugshots venue where students enjoy live performances and coffee every Thursday night during the academic year.


Many students take advantage of the outdoor space on West Campus as well by studying on the lawn, playing sand volleyball, throwing a Frisbee or just hanging out with friends and enjoying the weather!

Fitness Center & Pool

The Lourdes Hall Fitness Center is equipped with everything you need to tone and build muscles to get you in shape. It features elliptical machines, treadmills and a Stairmaster in addition to a Nautilus circuit, free weight and a stretching area. A significant feature of Lourdes Hall that makes it unique to other residence halls is the heated indoor swimming pool.

Lourdes Hall has several areas throughout the building for students to study or hang out with friends. Most floors have a lounge with a stove, microwave, oven, refrigerator and a TV. These lounges provide students a place to prepare meals, study or just relax.

Lourdes Lounge & Kitchen

Lordes Hall Lounge & Kitchen

Lourdes Hall

457 Gould Street
Winona, MN 55987