The Quad

The Quad Complex is comprised of three separate residence halls including Morey-Shepard, Conway and Richards. Roughly 450 students across all grade levels live in the Quad to form a very active, vibrant community.

With over 15 student staff and volunteers (Resident Assistants, Community Mentors, and Hall Council) planning events and activities, there is always an opportunity to meet new people!

The Quad also has a courtyard in the center of the complex with its own sand volleyball court and green space for outdoor games and activities. It’s a secluded spot which make it great for studying in the sun or the shade.

There are a variety of room options to choose from. Morey-Shepard has large doubles and a few suite-style options that can accommodate up to four students.

The rooms in Conway might seem a bit smaller, but having a sink and walk-in closet are great features. The double rooms in Richards all have sinks as well.

A sink is a unique feature and a seriously underrated convenience. It means that you don’t have to walk down the hall just to brush your teeth or get a glass of water.

Students living at the Quad can choose among the following types of apartments:

Morey-Shepard Rooms

Both single and double rooms are available in Morey-Shepard. There are also several 1- and 2-bedroom suite-style units that can accommodate up to four students.

Basic Single Room (14' x 12')
1 Person
Basic Double Room (16' x 11' 5")
2 People
Basic Suite (contact for dimensions)
Up to 4 People

Room Furniture & Features

Each room is furnished with a XL twin bed, mattress, dresser/wardrobe, desk and desk chair for each student. There is also a trash, recycling bin and window coverings.

Morey-Shepard Single Room

Morey-Shepard Single

Morey-Shepard Double Room

Morey-Shepard Double

Morey-Shepard Suite Room

Morey-Shepard Suite

Richards & Conway Rooms

The majority of the rooms in Richards and Conway are double rooms. Conway is designated for women. In Richards Hall, men are housed on floors 1 and 2, while women are on floors 3 and 4.

Basic Double Room (14' 4" x 9' 2")
2 People

 * Room dimension vary by unit - please contact our office for specific dimensions for your specific room

Room Furniture & Features

Each room is furnished with a XL twin bed, mattress, dresser/wardrobe, desk and desk chair for each student. There is also a trash, recycling bin and window coverings.

Richards Double Room

RichardsDouble Room

Conway Double Room

Conway Double Room

Conway Double Closet

Conway Hall Closets

For a full list of amenities, please visit the Housing Amenities page

Quad Lounges

The Quad Front Desk is located in the Morey-Shepard section of the complex. The front desk is staffed with trained students who live in the halls. Students can check out movies, games, kitchen equipment, and much more! The mailboxes for the complex are also located near the front desk.

Conway Lounge

Conway Lounge 

Richards Basement

Richards Basement Lounge

Morey-Shepard 1st Floor Lounge

Shepard 1st Floor Lounge


In addition to the pool tables located in the 1st Shepard Lounge and Richards basement, students living in the Quad also have their own outdoor courtyard that is located in the center of the complex. This courtyard is shared with students living in Conway, Morey-Shepard and Richards Hall and has a sand volleyball court and benches. Students can also rent outdoor games from the Quad Front Desk.

Quad Courtyard


The Morey-Shepard kitchen, located on the 1st floor, includes a stove, fridge, microwave, and eating area.

Morey-Shepard Kitchen

The Conway & Richards kitchens are on 2nd – 4th floors. They include stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, and tables.

Conway Kitchen



The Morey-Shepard & Conway laundry rooms are both located on the 1st floor. Laundry is included in the room rates, so there is no need to pay for each use.


Morey-Shepard Laundry Room

Morey-Shepard Laundry Room


Conway Laundry Room

Conway Laundry Room

Located in Conway Hall, Gender-Inclusive Housing provides students the opportunity to live in a community regardless of sex, gender identity and/or gender expression.

It’s an option for students who would feel more comfortable living in a single room with a floor restroom and shower that accommodates any student in the community.

Students living in Gender-Inclusive Housing must agree to the following statements:

  • I understand that Gender Inclusive Housing is defined as a housing option where students of any sex and gender identity share common spaces, including bathroom and lounges
  • I will be responsible for upholding the standards of the community, which are in congruence with the core values of valuing and respecting all people
  • I understand that if I exhibit behavior contrary to the values and understanding of this agreement, I may be removed from this environment
  • I commit to promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment and encourage others to do so as well

Housing and Residence Life is devoted to providing a welcoming, inclusive, safe and engaging living and learning environment.

By offering this housing option, we are helping to create an environment that achieves these goals and acknowledges the diverse needs of our students.

Morey-Shepard Halls

256 W King Street
Winona, MN 55987

Conway Hall

403 Winona Street
Winona, MN 55987

Richards Hall

404 Huff Street
Winona, MN 55987