Two international students in cap and gown prepare to receive their diplomas at WSU commencement ceremony.

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When you apply to Winona State University, you sign up for a high-quality education that will help you pursue your career goals. You'll experience a supportive campus community and a unique slice of American culture.

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How to Apply

The steps for applying to WSU are a little different depending on what type of student you are and the program you plan to study.

To begin a bachelor's degree program at WSU, you'll apply as an undergraduate student.

1. Complete the WSU Undergraduate Application

You can apply to WSU online, and here are instructions for the online application if you need help.

If you have difficulties completing the online application, please email

2. Pay the Application Fee

You must pay a $20 non-refundable application fee online or by check written to Winona State University. Learn how to pay the application fee online.

3. Submit Original or Certified True Copy of High School Certificates and Transcripts

If your transcript was not issued in English, include an official translation of the secondary education records with courses and grades taken. WSU requires both the original language and the translated English transcript.

Please review the admission requirements and find the specific standards for your country.

4. If applicable, submit your university or college transcripts

An international student who has attended another university is considered a transfer student.

Students who have completed at least 24 semester credits after high school graduation at a nationally accredited college or university with a 2.4 GPA or greater will generally be admitted.

If you have earned fewer than 24 academic credits, your admission application will be evaluated on both secondary school transcripts and university transcripts.

Students applying from universities or colleges outside the U.S.

To transfer credit from colleges or universities outside the United States, international students must provide a course-by-course evaluation from a NACES or AICE member company.

Students applying from U.S. colleges or universities.

If you took less than 24 credit hours of classes, we require secondary education credentials including a cumulative GPA equivalent to 2.4.

Courses such as English as a Second Language courses will not be included in the calculation of GPA when determining admissibility.

If you took a college level English class equivalent to ENG 111 at WSU, you may be exempt from the English proficiency requirement.

If you have credits from an institution outside the U.S., please follow the credit evaluation guidelines above.

5. Provide proof of English proficiency

Winona State University requires international students to have a certain level of English proficiency.

Admission to the University is the first step. Some degree programs may have additional standards for entrance into the major after you are enrolled at WSU. These include:

6. Send Documents Required for I-20

You will need to provide several documents to be issued an I-20 from WSU. Learn how to get your I-20 form.

Students transferring to WSU from an institution in the US, fill out the Transfer Recommendation Form (PDF) to transfer your SEVIS record.

If your cumulative GPA or test score is lower than required by Winona State University, follow the steps below.

1. Write a Personal Statement

This written statement should include an explanation of factors that affected your performance or test scores. Tell us why WSU is your institution of choice and include an overview of your college or career goals, and any evidence of college readiness.

Your personal statement should be no more than two pages.

2. Gather letters of Recommendation

Ask for at least two letters of recommendation from academic teachers and/or guidance counselor. These letters should demonstrate your ability to succeed in a university setting.

3. Send the documents to the International Services team

Email your personal statement and letters or recommendation to

Our office will review your documents and make the final admission decision.

To study a graduate program at WSU, you must meet the School of Graduate Studies admissions requirements and complete the application process.

Upon admission, International Student and Scholar Services will process your immigration document and send you the required I-20 to apply for a visa to study in the United States.

Learn how to get your I-20 form.

Exchange and visiting students usually enroll at WSU for just a semester or two as a study abroad experience while earning their degree from their home university.

Please follow the steps below to submit your application:

  1. Apply online or complete the International Student Application (PDF)
  2. Pay Application Fee $20. Here's instructions how to pay online.
  3. Submit official transcripts
  4. Submit English Language Proficiency Exam Scores. WSU school code for TOEFL is 6680. ACT school code is 2162.
  5. Send an original bank statement with a minimum of US $24,000 balance. 
  6. Send a copy of your passport or birth certificate.
Learn how to get your I-20 form.
A returning student is someone who studied at WSU for a while, then left the university. Now the student wishes to return to their academic program.

Learn more about the Return to WSU process as an International Student.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

All documents for admissions become property of WSU. We encourage applicants to submit certified true copies when originals are the only copies.

You must submit an official English translation if your original document is not in English.

Official academic records should be issued directly by your school, college or university. You can also have official academic records certificated by a legal organization, such as Education USA.

Documents must be in a sealed envelope and must bear an official stamp.

Questions about Your Application Status?

If you have questions about the status of your application, contact ISSS at