Alumni Spotlight

In what ways did your intern coach prepare you to be an effective teacher?

My coaches gave me a lot of freedom to explore my own ideas, but they also helped me reflect on those ideas with questions I wouldn't have thought about on my own. They exposed me to their own different yet effective strategies while allowing me to develop my own.

In what ways did the TPC Coordinator prepare you to be an effective teacher?

My coordinator was a partner throughout the TPC process. In some courses, she was my instructor. Overall, she was an organizer of all the parts of our condensed program, and at each stage she was always present to make sure we understood and felt comfortable with all aspects of TPC.

What was your favorite part of the program?

I loved the intense internship experience with my coaches. I'm fortunate to continue working with both of my coaches every day 3 years later and counting, and I still love it. They continue to challenge me to this day, but I also get to challenge them as I did since my intern year.

What is one specific memory that you have of your time in the program?

No single moment stands out. There were a lot of experiences in the classroom that were transformative. One big one was the day I sat my Stats class in a circle after most of the class failed a quiz, and we all shared what was on our mind. That was the week I built my first big project in that class that pushed me to spend my next semester fully rebuilding a course around big, purposeful projects. It was exhausting but rooted in my realization of how disconnected students were from the purpose of what we were learning.

Do you have anything else to add?

I picked the TPC program because of logistics -- location and length of program -- but I had no idea how perfect of a fit it would be for me. The coursework was very purposeful, the instructors well-experienced, and the internship exactly what I needed to experiment and grow as a teacher.