Transfer as a Non-RCTC Student

If you already have a collection of college-level credits from another two-year or four-year institution, you can complete your degree at WSU-Rochester. Credits earned in a previous degree (AA, AS, BA, BS) may also be applied towards your progress in an academic program at WSU-Rochester once officially evaluated by WSU Admissions.

Many students who have already earned a significant number of college credits may benefit from taking only the remaining pre-requisite courses to meet WSU-Rochester program criteria rather than committing to a 2+2 Path to Purple version of their program.

With the non-2+2 version of the academic program, you’ll still earn the same degree in a 2+2 Path to Purple version of the program. Plus, you can take advantage of your previously earned credits to avoid taking additional classes and finishing your bachelor’s degree faster without going through an associate’s program at RCTC first.

Option to Join Path to Purple

Students who are not currently admitted or enrolled at RCTC can still choose to complete their bachelor’s degrees through an articulated 2+2 Path to Purple program. However, with this option you are required to complete specific RCTC coursework and earn an Associate’s degree from RCTC prior to starting your upper-level coursework at WSU-Rochester.

If you have any concerns about which option is right for you, make sure to connect with the WSU-Rochester Admissions Advisors or stop by the Welcome Center for guidance.