Transfer from RCTC

Winona State University-Rochester collaborates with Rochester Community and Technical College to offer complete educational programs. This is known as the Path to Purple, a program designed for students who start their college experience at RCTC but ultimately want to earn a bachelor’s degree.

With a Path to Purple 2+2 academic program, you’ll earn lower-division credits from RCTC which transfer to WSU-Rochester and count toward progress on a bachelor’s degree program. Then at WSU-Rochester, you’ll complete the higher-division courses to finish your degree.

With this route, you will graduate with an associate’s degree from RCTC and a bachelor’s degree from WSU-Rochester.

A Non-2+2 Option to Complete Your Degree

Depending on your previous academic coursework, you may choose to complete the non-2+2 versions of an academic program despite starting at RCTC. This can be a good route for students who have a significant collection of college credits transferred from other institutions.

If you have any concerns about which option is right for you, make sure to connect with the WSU-Rochester Admissions Advisors or stop by the Welcome Center for guidance.