Adventure Tourism Minor

Adventure tourism is a rapidly expanding segment of the travel and tourism industry, fueled by a societal need to escape routine lifestyles.  People who provide adventure tourism services are likely to engage tourists in such activities as rock and mountain climbing, spelunking, river rafting, whitewater canoeing, trekking, wilderness camping, snow-shoeing and a variety of other pursuits in which the participant is challenged by the natural environment.  Students who pursue this minor develop a repertoire of skills related to planning, marketing, and providing successful adventure tourism programs and services. Required Courses 27 S.H. (select from the list below)

Recreation, Tourism and Therapeutic Recreation - RTTR

239 - Outdoor Pursuits (3 S.H.)
240 - Outdoor Pursuits II (3 S.H.)
244 - Stewardship of Self and the Environment: Bldg a Principled Way of Life (3 S.H.)
265 - Leisure in Different Cultures (3 S.H.)
290 - Foundations of Tourism (3 S.H.)
302 - Adventure Travel and Tourism Development (3 S.H.)
339 - Wilderness Ethics, Safety, and Survival (3 S.H.)
350 - Legal and Financial Aspects of Recreation (3 S.H.)
390 - Tourism Planning (3 S.H.)
393 - Evaluation in Recreation, Tourism, and Therapeutic Recreation (3 S.H.)
396 - Leadership and Group Dynamics:  An Experiential Education Approach (3 S.H.)
†398 - Practicum in Recreation and Tourism or Therapeutic Recreation (3 S.H.)
† 417 - Special Topics in Recreation, Tourism or Therapeutic Recreation (1-3 S.H.)
(May be repeated once for credit within this program)
421 - Outdoor Education and Interpretive Services (3 S.H.)
450 - Travel Study in Costa Rica (2 S.H.)

† Course content must relate to tourism and be pre-approved by the ADVT advisor. 

Geography - GEOG

270 - Introduction to the Geography of Tourism (3 S.H.)

Marketing - MKTG

Up to 12 Credits in Marketing (200 Level or above) as approved by ADVT minor advisor.