Employee Safety After Hours

It frequently becomes necessary for faculty and staff members to work at the University during non-business hours.

When this occurs and particularly when the employee is working alone and/or at an isolated workstation, Campus Security suggests the following preventive safety practices.

  • When you arrive at the university always park in well-lit parking lots.
  • Campus Security offers an escort service 24 hours a day. Courtesy phones are located throughout the campus and can be used for requesting escorts. 
  • When you leave your car, remember to lock the doors. Remote controlled locks using a key chain transmitter are recommended to better ensure locking and to aid in quick entry when you return. 
  • When walking to your workstation, travel on lighted walkways. Avoid the temptation to use shortcuts and informal pathways and try to stay away from areas where visibility is blocked by trees and shrubs.
  • When you turn a blind corner try to walk on the outermost side of the path, away from the blind spot, while keeping your eye on the path ahead. Taking a wide turn allows a greater field of vision and increases the time available for your reaction in a threatening situation. 
  • Make sure you have the necessary key to access your workstation. Carry the key in your hand as you approach your work area with the correct key available for use in the door. 
  • When you arrive at your building or workstation if anything simply doesn't feel right or causes you to be suspicious, trust your instincts and call Campus Security. 
  • If you enter a locked building, please re-lock the door and close it tightly. 
  • If the door to your office or workstation is supposed to be locked and is not, do not enter. Go to the nearest courtesy phone location and call Campus Security. 
  • Know Campus Security's phone number: 457.5555
  • Use sufficient internal lighting to illuminate your workplace and internal building pathways. 
  • If you leave your office or workstation to use the restroom, remember to lock the office or workstation door behind you. Do not enter a dark restroom. 
  • When you return to your car after leaving your office or workstation, watch for suspicious persons nearby and look into the front and back seats before you open the door.