Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives are university priority goals that the Winona State emphasizes for a 3-4 year period. Winona State University’s Strategic Initiatives emerge from our Strategic Framework and Master Plans. Beginning in 2018, Winona State will be emphasizing four strategic initiatives: Tomorrow’s Technology, Engaged Student Learning, Inclusive Excellence, and the WSU Student Experience. These particular initiatives are built on historically strong programmatic areas at WSU and seek to elevate these programmatic areas to the next levels of excellence.

Inclusive Excellence

A more equitable and just university community.

The Inclusion & Diversity Office is committed to building a welcoming, empathetic, and inclusive learning environment through democratic dialogue, cultural sensitivity and awareness. 

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High-Quality Student Engagement

Engaged Learning emphasizes a multidimensional approach to campus engagement which in incorporates students, faculty/staff, and community. For students, engagement is expressed through initiatives such as co-curricular transcripts, community involved tracked by Involvio, digital badges for engagement, career achievement through Major Mapping. For faculty/staff, engagement is helping students through service learning and course based community involvement. For the community, engagement is expressed through more involvement in our university theme, community conversations, Warrior Game Day Experience, career expos, and job fairs.

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Student Experience

Giving students an experience unlike anywhere else.

Students who have chosen WSU are having a completely unique student experience, from the first moment when they visit campus, to commencement day and beyond. It’s because of these meaningful experiences that students choose Winona State. They know that the experience of being at WSU will be unlike any other college or university.

Tomorrow's Technology

Developing the skills for success in tomorrow’s digital world.

The Tomorrow’s Technology initiative seeks to keep WSU on the cutting edge of academic technology. The initiative promotes adaptive technology fellows who can model and infuse such technologies into the teaching process. The initiative seeks to enhance WSU’s online and hybrid courses offerings. Tomorrow’s Technology offers our students the next generation of learning environments such as simulation, adaptive learning, virtual environment, and active learning so our students graduate as digital citizens able to navigate an increasingly digital and technological world.

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