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Academic Planning Process | Draft: Aug. 24, 2015


The Academic Master Plan will provide a way to support and align the already considerable departmental work around academic program planning with other Master Plans (Facilities Master Plan, Athletics Master Plan, Enrollment Management Plan, Student Life and Development Plan, Technology Master Plan, and Foundation Master Plan), and will guide the work of the University for the next five to ten years.  Academic Master Planning is an outcome of Theme 1 of the Strategic Directions Framework (adopted at the close of FY15).

The Academic Master Planning Process to Date

The Academic Master Plan has been informed by the “Hopes and Dream” conversations (FY13), guided by the values of the “5 Ps” (People, Program, Price, and Place and Pride) (FY14), and called for in the recently completed Strategic Directions Framework (FY15).  An initial draft of the process (the figure (chart) contained in this document) was developed at a two-day retreat of Academic Affairs administration (June 2 and 3, 2015) and follow-up half day meeting on July 1, 2015.  Cabinet reviewed the initial draft process in July 15, 2015 and the leadership workshop on August 17, 2015 provided an opportunity to gather some initial feedback on the priorities.  The administration is currently looking for feedback on the draft purpose, principles, vision, priorities, template and process.


Planning Guide (PDF)
Planning Process (PDF)
Planning Process Template (PDF)
Categorizing Your Plan (PDF)
Categorizing Your Plan: Next Steps (PDF)
2016 Program Review Schedule (PDF)
Academic Planning Common Data - FY2016
University-wide Cost Recovery Data