Elementary Education Program in Austin

Austin Public SchoolsRiverland Community College and Winona State University are working together to offer you the opportunity to earn an Associate in Arts degree through Riverland and a Bachelor of Science degree to teach in Elementary Education through WSU, all without leaving the Austin community. Sumner Elementary School, the program site, is a culturally diverse school on a year round calendar. In your work at Sumner, you will have the opportunity to interact with general and special education teachers, teachers for English Learners, a gifted and talented specialist, reading and math intervention teachers, a cultural liaison and an instructional coach, all located in one setting. Clinical experience will be arranged during your first two years at Riverland with progressively more challenging placements during your second two years through Winona State University.

Two great colleges. One great choice.

Riverland Community College offers a personalized educational environment with seasoned faculty and smaller class sizes that will help you accomplish your general educational goals using the methods that best serve your learning style: Traditional classroom setting, online courses or a combination for added flexibility. Complete your AA degree with the electives you need to emphasize your teaching goals. Teacher candidates will have clinical experiences in one or more Austin area schools before their traditional student teaching begins. In addition, students will save an average of $1,000 on tuition costs for their first two years of the program.

Winona State University plans to deliver the second two years of this program in Austin. The College of Education at WSU has a rich history as a pioneer in teacher preparation and collaboration. This Elementary Education program is not only fully accredited by NCATE and the MN Board of Teaching, but is also newly redesigned to reflect the needs of 21st century learners. There will be a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), Ethnographers of Language, Global Studies and Action Research. Along with these semester themes, there will be a sustained focus on Data Collection & Interpretation, Student Development and Clinical Practice.

It is possible to complete the Elementary Education program in two or three years and an example course sequence (PDF) is provided. The time it takes to complete the program depends on the whether students want heavier or lighter course loads during each semester and course descriptions (PDF) are available. The length of the program may also vary if students already have some college credit. Students with college credit are encouraged to contact us if you would like more information about this unique opportunity.

Middle Level Minors

Middle level minors allow for licensure to teach grades 5-8 and are an additional option for students seeking an Elementary Education K-6 license. Some of the coursework can be completed at Riverland or WSU-R in Rochester, and some of the coursework for each minor is only available on the WSU Campus in Winona. Information about course equivalencies between the two campuses is available below.  


 Riverland    WSU-Winona
 Biology 1091    Biology 241
 Biology 1092    Biology 242
 Chemistry 1121    Chemistry 212
 Chemistry 1202    Chemistry 213
 Physics 1000 or Physics 1501/1502    Physics 115 or Physics 201/202
   Geoscience 215
   Geoscience 235
   EFRT 449 (Taken Summer term after junior year in Winona)
     Education 429 (Taken Summer term after junior year in Rochester)
     EDST 470 (Student Teaching in May of senior year)


 Riverland    WSU-Winona
     Math 130 (soon to be Math 142)
 Math 1400    Math 140
     Math 204 (formerly MTED 201)
     Math 303 (formerly MTED 225)
     Math 304 (formerly MTED 222)
 Statistics 2021    Statistics 110
    EFRT 449 (Taken Summer term after junior year in Winona)
   Education 429 (Taken Summer term after junior year in Rochester)
     EDST 470 (Student Teaching in May of senior year)

 Riverland    WSU-Winona
English 2000, 1113, or 1115    English 222
     English 240
     English 250
     English 290
     Communication Studies 375
   Mass Communications 280
   EFRT 449 (Taken Summer term after junior year in Winona)
   Education 429 (Taken Summer term after junior year in Rochester)
     EDST 470 (Student Teaching in May of senior year

 Riverland    WSU-Winona
 History 1001    History 150
 History 1002    History 151
 History 1012    History 122
     History 431 (EDUC 429 is embedded in this course)
 Political Science 1010    Political Science 120
 Geography 1201    Geography 110
 Economics 2291    Economics 202
   EFRT 449 (Taken Summer term after junior year in Winona)
     EDST 470 (Student Teaching in May of senior year)